Mongol QoL Requests

I tried out Mongols today and 2 things immediately stuck out to me as simple QoL improvements that would make things easier:

  1. When the Ovoo is depleted, let us just build the new one straight away; and as the blueprint is placed delete the old one automatically. Having to find the Ovoo and manually delete it (especially with the lack of hotkey customization) is a couple extra seconds I’d like to have!

  2. Moving buildings of the same type is easy, but different buildings is a pain. If I’ve selected a bunch of different buildings, please keep the pack/unpack buttons available on the hotkeys. Then I can pack them all after selecting, and hit T+click to rapidly re-place them. Would make relocating the Ovoo buildings a lot quicker.

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Your point 1. happens automatically? You do not have to delete your Oovoo to build another… it will auto-delete.

Regarding point 2, I agree, I would also like to hold Shift + T, and then it should cycle through all the buildings as I place them rapidly.

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Strange, for me it blocked me from building another Ovoo until I deleted the first one. It was depleted and everything. The villager icon to build it was grayed-out.

weird, might be a bug in that case?

Hmm… soon as I can get off work I’ll have to try a few more rounds with them!

If the village button for making x2 villagers is greyed out, then your TC is not under the Ovoo. Best starting positions thus far is putting your TC next to Wood + Stone or Food + Stone to get the Ovoo influence, especially when building pastures. That way, you can get the x2 Villager option as well.

Oh, I meant that when I select a villager, the option to construct an Ovoo is grayed-out. As in, I am not permitted to construct a new Ovoo until the previous one is deleted.

That may be a bug. Ive had 2+ Ovoos at the same time!

from point 2 I agree it’s very annoying to put it together after 1 and moreover it can’t be folded if you have a full population limit