Mongol Raiders Scenario

I think the new Mongol Raiders scenario with high score leaderboard is great, BUT…

  1. How have they managed to mess up something as simple as a leaderboard? Why can it not tell us that we are in position x out of y?

  2. Is the scenario going to cease to be playable at the end of the month? It seems to be integrated into the UI in a manner that suggests it will no longer be playable.

I love it as a concept, and would love to see more of these added, but I’d like them all to remain a permanent part of the game so we can keep going back to them to try to improve our score, and I’d also like to know where I am on the leaderboard. Ideally you’d be able to view replays of top performances, which is a common feature for driving game leaderboards and a great tool for getting better at a game, but that’s a bit harder to address than 1 and 2 above. The ability to view replays is also good for transparency, i.e. being able to see if the top people cheated or not.

Having said all that, it seems quite a tough challenge, so any tips are welcome, and feel free to share a video if you are able to put in a decent demonstration performance!


Small tip when raiding the Magyars:
You can cut with onagers the northwestern woodline (of the Magyar base) and safely treb
their TC from there (3+ trebs recommended), Magyar units won’t be able to reach you in time.


I use ctrl+shift+F1-F8, delete all the target buildings at the beginning, and get nearly 48000 scores. Those highest score guys with over 50000+ must cheat with mod or plug-in


Good test but not rigorous. Building up your army and killing enemy units also boost your score. You deleting those buildings (by ctrl-shift-fn) also won’t reward score as destroying them would do.

Im done whit this mod, cause my big score is 38k++ whit 50 years before ends. So people who is 70k score, how are they doing it?

You can do this for getting the challenge achievement, but you wont be on the leaderboard if you cheat. So you cant use cheats.

Any score above 45k is not legit. Unfortunate that poeple have already found ways to cheat it. Ideally it would only be based on time and not take other score factors into account, though then you would need to use a smaller increment than years.

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I’m quite confident you can’t get 65k without cheating.

I doubt it too. But is not the suggested cheat in this thread that does the job. It must be another cheat.

I am unable to complete the third challenge : Score more than 15000 points, even though o scored more than 20k a couple of times. The challenge is unlocked but is not getting ticked.


Same is happening with me.

Have you played a game on Land Nomad to complete that first? The challenges have to be completed in sequence.

Ya… i did that. lools like it is a bug and
is discussed here : Mongol Raiders score: 23506. New profile icons: 0

Maximum score rn is 65535 using exploits/cheats, I beg those guys are going to get banned.

Have you tried beating all of the enemies? :slight_smile: 11 @Glorfindel51 Use this:

If you can’t defeat them with your normal skills, and if you don’t get the achievement through this way, then you have a bug.

Ya… I tried something similar (played for sometime and then deleted the remaining targets) and it worked!! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Good :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

The issue is cheating. How they let people cheat. At the beggining I really beleive that we can make more than 60 000 of score… I was looking for new strat to break the wall of 45000 of score. I had a look on real damage of siege onager, siege ram on building.
If Microsoft don’t know how to patch it, they can say. We messed’up, there is users who cheat.

Also, when I looked last night, there were some Xbox / MS Store accounts in the top 100, so even the extra protection against cheating that version provides isn’t working to prevent whatever people are doing.

I still enjoyed the challenge of this scenario, I think it took me 7 attempts to beat all the enemies, and it was good fun as a problem to solve. I’m sure I could work out ways to beat them all faster, but the fact that the entire leaderboard consists of cheaters makes it feel like a waste of time. Even if it showed that I was in position x out of y, as I said I’d like in my opening post in this thread, that would of course be pointless with so much cheating.

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