Mongol starting sheep - Necessity to move it manually


After playing and watching some Mongol games, I noticed it’s very very common the need to move the starting Town Center to a different place, and it always ends up with an extra step to make the sheep follow either the Khan, or to move it to the desired place. I’d like to suggest some possible ideas, and discuss a little bit:

  1. Make the starting sheep follow the starting Town Center so they are always close when the TC is built
  2. Make the starting sheep follow the Kahn so there is no need for an extra step to move it

I think it will improve the beginners life, so they can just move their packed TC during the beginning and will have the same benefit of all the other civs, that is having an initial sheep always close :slight_smile:

Ps. I am new in this Forum, so please let me know if I have to post it in a different place instead.


I like option 2. It certainly does streamline it a bit. I’d make a post on the bug forum as feedback.

Problem with option 1, is that if sheep follow the TC in caravan, it’ll not only delay the plant (as the sheep as inside the build zone) but often the sheep will reaggro into the TC caravan before the Caravan can fully deploy the plant. Which denies the plant again.

As someone who mains mongol, I rarely find this to much of an issue.
infact its not smart to have ur sheep follow the TC as it can sometimes prevent the TC deploying property.

I’d prefer if we could just double click a single sheep to select all sheeps.
All you need to do then is:
Send TC to new location
Send villagers to resource/1 to ovoo
Do a tiny shuffle dance with the khan to grab the 2 neutral sheep right next to him.
Double click move sheep in front of TC.

Booo boooooo always that one guy claiming everything is okay as is…

A simpler idea is to have the first sheep next to the khan spawn on the map neutral then at the start instantly gets collected.

Such response is completely uncalled for in a discussion.

No need to act spitefull.

As i mention, I rately find it an issue.
This means is a personal preferense but it also admit there is an issue at hand because i did not deny there that there wasnt an issue.

While your idea is certainly good and would help in soving the issue at hand.

I would still like to able to have a function/hotkey to select all sheep.

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