Mongol superior mobility makes landmarks uncatchable

I just played a game against Mongols. I assume they had the Ovoo enhanced superior mobility tech because every time I got close to their landmark it would pickup and run away at a speed that can only be described as mark 1. They outran my cavalry. Not by a little. By a lot. They were just gone and there seemed to be no way to catch them.

Good ay. Love Mongols.

It should be fairly obvious that landmark victories against mongols are very difficult to achieve without the person resigning, I’d focus on locking down holy sites and forcing them to sit still and fight if you find a mongol player who’s lost the game being a bad sport and running around the map with their landmarks remaining unkillable.

Retreating landmarks whilst their under attack is a big part of the mongol defense strategy, and is the only way to defend yourself considering you don’t have walls. It is important to distinguish that from bad sportmanship running around the man and not resigning.

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