Mongol TC drop

Hi Devs, Others,

The TC drop by Mongols was nerfed quite a while ago. Mainly because you no longer can drop your TC next to the TC of your opponent. Except that you can! Just with a 2nd TC. Since TC drop as a result still functions I presume that this is not intentional. It shouldn’t be.

The Mongol suffers very little from this: this TC can still produce and if serious threats arrive it can pack up and move out. Non cavalry units can’t even properly keep up with the TC cart so the Mongol will very likely remain with a secondary TC anyway making it a very low risk investment. Despite it being excessively disruptive to the player this is being deployed against.

I hope the mechanic that prevents this playstyle from patches ago will be made coherent for Mongol TCs, not just for the TC.

I even understand their first TC is not possible, because they would have a gigantic weapon at the beginning of the game in the first minutes against the opponent who has an immovable base

however, I do not agree with what it says about their second TC, all civilizations can build a second TC wherever they want and they must also have this resource, not to mention that the Mongol does not have a keep, so their efficiency in relation to to other civilizations I believe to be smaller

the second TC of the Mongols costs 900 wood, it is much more resource than other civilizations, it compensates much more to build 9 towers and manage to garrison 90 units than 10 and still have the risk of losing it

@GStorm5754 is correct—allowing a second TC to be constructed near an enemy is by design.