Mongol unpack buildings issue

I have faced multiple times unpack bug when trying to unpack buildings into certain position. Can building unpack be prioritized? so other units would not collide with the building unpack animation. It seems to be very frustrating to unpack mongol buildings during intense fights. When you are trying to move barracks away from conflict or to move near a new Ovoo being build


Is this the piece you are reporting? Would you mind going into a bit more detail? Thanks!

Sure, I was trying to find the replay to attach here, but unfortunately I cannot see this game in my match history, it happened on 26th of November in NOMAD game mode.

The case was that when trying to relocate multiple buildings (5 barracks or more) around next stone deposit where OVOO is going to be built, buildings just jam in place and do not unpack correct.
So other buildings and units are colliding with unpack animation, and thus aborting it.

In phase of intense battle it feels a bit frustrating to move Rax buildings into safe location to continue unit production.

  1. The first building is sent to unpack. In this case, a tc.

  2. The second building unpacking interrupts the movement of the first building.

  3. The first building moves out of the way to allow the second building to unpack. After receiving the ‘move’ command from the second buidling, the first building does not resume its original command to unpack at the targeted location.

I don’t know of other causes to stop buildings from unpacking - but this particular one can happen a lot, especially if you try to move a few buildings at the same time, like moving your production a new Ovoo. Would be nice to see a fix!

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Another bug stopping building unpacking:

  1. villagers going to chop wood

  2. building pushes villagers away to start unpacking.

  3. after moving out of they way, villagers turn around and go back to chop wood. They block the building before it unpacks. The building does not go back to unpacking.


As of patch 6.1.130 here are the bugs for unpacking that I found

  1. Unpack is still able to be canceled if a unit moves to the unpack location at the same time the unpack starts, if the unit gets to the location before the unpack starts it will move off the location and if after the unpack starts it cannot move to that location because the building is already there. However if they get there at the same time the unpack is canceled.

  2. When unpacking more then 2 buildings if the unit is in the way of one building it will move off the location of the other and its unpack order is canceled. So if you have a town center and 10 pastures and try to place them all, if any unit over laps happen their unpack order is deleted and they just move off the location. To fix this their unpack order should no be deleted if it is still valid.

You should be able to pack up a bunch of building, send them to unpack else where and not have their unpack order canceled if the location for the unpack is valid. If units are in the way, wait for them to move then unpack and if a building is moving off of another build location do not delete their unpack order, just move then continue to the unpack location.

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Crazy how long this has been in the game, eh? It is Mongol’s gimmick and it is literally unusable.

A whole playstyle never flourished because of it. It is like a pizzaplace that forgot to serve pizza.

Another major issue with Mongol unpacking is that it erases control groups. Heres hoping they put this to high priority. This is important.


We Mongol players have waited quite a while for this to be fixed. I am hoping that the devs can spend a little bit of time, sit down and finally fix this long standing issue.

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Thank you for the continued reporting, all! We are aware of the issues presented here, but I’ll give it a bump.


another bump! just incase.

With the Season 5 pup preview there are still unpack issues
Fixed issues with the Mongol AI’s packed buildings failed to unpack again when relocating

I sent 5 Gers to unpack but only 2 unpacked.

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Hey @ageekhere! Is this something you primarily see with Gers?

No, it is for all buildings, to test get 10 of any building and try and create multiple unpack orders next to each other. If a building is in the way while another building is trying to unpack the unpack order is canceled.

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Still an issue for season 5 update, send 8 Gers to unpack but only 4 unpacked.

To test get any 10 packed buildings and send them all to build at once next to each other.

Thanks, all! The team is looking at how to improve Mongol packing/unpacking all-up. No timeline, but it is something we are working on.

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