Mongol unpack buildings issue

I have faced multiple times unpack bug when trying to unpack buildings into certain position. Can building unpack be prioritized? so other units would not collide with the building unpack animation. It seems to be very frustrating to unpack mongol buildings during intense fights. When you are trying to move barracks away from conflict or to move near a new Ovoo being build

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Is this the piece you are reporting? Would you mind going into a bit more detail? Thanks!

Sure, I was trying to find the replay to attach here, but unfortunately I cannot see this game in my match history, it happened on 26th of November in NOMAD game mode.

The case was that when trying to relocate multiple buildings (5 barracks or more) around next stone deposit where OVOO is going to be built, buildings just jam in place and do not unpack correct.
So other buildings and units are colliding with unpack animation, and thus aborting it.

In phase of intense battle it feels a bit frustrating to move Rax buildings into safe location to continue unit production.