Mongolia no tech Geometry, it not in blacksmith

Any other civ can research Geometry (Increase the damage of Rams and Trebuchets 40%) in university.
But mongolia no university and it not appear in blacksmith, please fix this bug.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this was by design. But I’ll have the team check it out. Appreciate it @ansontai!


Ok, thanks, I think that should be issue because Mongolia have unique unit “Traction Trebuchet”, they should be more powerful with the technology.

Traction Treb is actually weaker and lower HP than counterweight treb. It’s bonus is being cheaper and being built in the field by infantry.

Seems to me that its a design intention for them to be weaker but hit earlier, fulfilling the Mongol aggressive playstyle, but not having as powerful an option in the long term.

I think Mongolia is masters of siege, they should have full siege tech.