Mongols are killing the 1v1 for me

this is a rant from a frustrated non-Mongol player in the quick matches.

as for now, the Mongols are not only able to determine how they want to play the name because of their early units, they are basically able to mass more units with fewer villagers/ fewer resources while maintaining map control, the supposed “weakness” of no wall no keep ain’t really there, they don’t need walls when they dominate the map and they don’t need the keep when they have more units.

it’s killing the 1v1 for me and many other players I know, I just feel like an unfair match every time against the Mongols in my skill bracket.


English vs Mongol matchup is fairly easy compared to others.
Maybe give it a try?

A good approach in improving, if you want to work on yourself that is, would be watching the replays and try the exact same thing as mongols.
Pay attention to what beats you how and why.

They can be quite tricky to deal with 1v1 and are definitely on the “good civ” side of the spectrum.
I don’t think it’s that clear compared to french civ bonus bloat tho.


It’s tough I agree,
It’s hard because they are one of the most unconventional civs in the game, I am still trying to figure a way to deal with them, at the same time I kinda like it because I think it represents very well how civs felt when they had to deal with the mongols
I think its just a matter of time until ppl learn how to play vs them and they are very likely to be nerfed soon too.


it really had nothing to do with Mongols being unconventional or not, they are simply able to make more units with less res while maintaining map control, the supposed weakness ain’t there, it feels like an oversight on the devs part. my elo is about 1300 not great but above avg and I am an RTS veteran, I know BS when I see it.

Ovoo double production is just BS, spears almost as fast as knights is just BS. I don’t know what else to say.


The 2 X unit production still costs just as much resources. A stone cost is added which is usually equal to the food/wood/gold of the original unit so it still ends up costing as much. In the early game, stone income is limited to 105 per minute which is equal to ~2-3 villagers working the stone mine - no more, no less.

It is pretty strong early, but it’s a choice to either spend on extra units, improved techs, or more villagers. Many other civs get econ bonuses (boosted villager resource drop-offs, boosted villager gather rates, hunted animal bounties, farms giving gold, villagers costing less, villagers producing faster, free technologies, etc.).

So it seems like the intent for the civs to be balanced in this way is there, but maybe it needs a bit of tweaking to get it just right.


the stone gathering is free — you don’t need to put your villagers on it, so yeah it is free units or free extra tech every time you use that stone.

and those extras are just too much, siege weapons moving faster than infantry? come on that is some next level BS.


Off topic, but 1300 is top 4% of the players, not just “above average”.


They are a bit over the top, might need a slight nerf. However, I believe they are fine by design.

If you are having issues against mongols I believe you are lacking scouting. They are pretty starved on wood at the start of the game, so you can tell what a Mongol player might be going.

A mongol tc in woodline means outposts and early cav aggro. Can transition into trade boom.

A mongol tc in gold means regular feudal into mangudai cheese, horsemen/archers or spears/archers. Often restricted to two military buildings.

Woodline and gold tc for mongols is the best IMO as it allows to go 1-1-1 with outposts. Silver tree means defensive outposts. Deer stones means forward outposts.

Just play the Art of War and master your main civ and others too.
until then don’t even try to play 1vs1 quick matchmaking as any not-noob player would own you with any civilization.

It is better for you to try playing after getting 5 gold medals from the Art of War.
If you win continuously, your streaks would grant you more ELO.
Good Luck.

Oh one last thing, The Rus do pretty well against early Mongol aggression.

It is the most difficult civilisation in terms of gameplay.
It really depends on a player.
There are bugs and some balancing would do great.
I am just w8ing for the springald nerf. As a lot of players are now massing it.

Actually, not having walls, but a mobile city is much better than a walled city.
Walled cities often get trapped if they cannot control the map.
It is like a “prisoner building a prison for himself”.
This is why outposts are so crucial for the Mongols. it gives them sight and speed.
Very vulnerable if it gets attacked and that is why they take control of the map 1st.
Whereas walled players think they are safe inside, fail in the longer fights.

I’m playing mongols currently and my elo is atm 1327. I was around 1400 when I played abbasid and fell after switching to mongols. Im not convinced they are this unbeatable force. Maybe a tiny bit too strong. Other civs get other eco bonuses that lets them produce out of more buildings at once. And mongols cant keep up constant x2 production because their ovo produce stone really slow, like 2,5 vil


yeah if you think the art of war is gonna help you wont understand what I am talking about.

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LOL, get gud stop complaining.
If you cannot counter them, get gud too.
In the end, it is your fault.
There are many ways to counter them.
You just look for excuses.
Just get gud.


I think you are trolling at this point. Git gud yourself. Your advice makes no sense, considering we’re all past the art of war here.

Take a moment to respect and listen to a player’s hardships before you add trash posts to a threat.

Show me your medals,
Then let’s talk about advanced tactics and strategy.
And then we can try 1vs1

While Im way more moderate than them in my beliefs of mongol strength, if you are talking about medals in art of war like some kind of achievement that proves anything, you should’t be talking or challenging people to 1v1 lol

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I am not saying they are easy to play, and not saying they are “unbeatable force” they definitely are not. but the edges they have are a bit too much and too obvious. the point being the supposed “weakness” for those edges are NOT there. at least not in a 1v1 game on a micro map.

since your elo is about the same as me I am betting once you get into them you will soon understand what I am talking about. surely you and I aint gonna beat theviper with the Mongols, but it is a very clear edge over your opponent in your skill bracket — more units and way better map control.

OMG, this person still not getting it…
Walls are not the strength of the Mongols. They don’t need it.
Being mobile is not a weakness. OMG.
Read history of Nomadic people and you will get why this is so OP.
Okay, since you are no gud at it, Ill just tell you now.
Their enemies cannot catch them and they will be hunting their enemies as they are controlling where the enemies chase them. Which gives them total control of the battlefield.
that is the point of being mobile.
Walls just limit sight and mobility.
You really need to Get Gud…

On topic:

I think the main strength about Mongols is how they snowball with their loot on burning buildings, too. Oovvo stone is a mechanical strength to the civ as much, but not the true nail on the cofin.

You can lose your vills, archers, mining camp and outpost at a forward gold and on top of that the Mongol player gets free resouces. Which is almost a free knight.

You can delete building yourself, if you want to minimize this edge.