Mongols - Mangudai (when stationary, rather than on the move) shoot slower than 1.25s Attack Speed [Season 2 Update 17718]

For Mongols, the Mangudai tooltip says “1.25s” Attack Speed.

The Season 2 Update 17718 patch notes say an attack speed of 1.25s is intended, faster than the 1.38s it would have been with the attack speed backend changes.

This is true when the Mangudai are shooting and moving at the same time, as they shoot properly at 1.25s Attack Speed.

However, the Mangudai shoot at 1.375s (~1.38s) Attack Speed when they are stationary and not moving.

This is most likely because they have a different internal weapon when stationary and moving, maybe because of the different animations.

Mangudai really don’t need to be weaker right now, so I hope you can fix this quickly, as a 10% DPS difference is pretty significant when Imperial upgrades are worth 20% damage bonuses.

Build: 5.0.17718.0

Their attack speed were 1hit/s when stationary before patch btw, and they were bad back then.

Thanks, all! We’re aware and should have a fix coming for this soon. Thanks!