Mongols - Packing buildings mid-combat

I’ve played a few games against mongols where I am applying feudal pressure and begin ramming his buildings/landmark only for the player to pack up his landmark and zip off under a TC or more defensible area.

Not only does a packed building render my rams useless since it cant attack it anymore, i have to move to torch damage and risk over extending my army now chasing a deer stone that has seemingly decided to just leave.

I feel like this packing of buildings should be treated the same as deleting walls - in that you cannot do so with enemies nearby. Or, at the very least, they should not be able to pack up while “in combat”.

I think the Mongols have enough going for them to be able to simply yeet their landmarks/buildings out of battle as they are being knocked down.



They cant Build walls so their eco is always raidable, they should be able to move their stuff, if youve invested in rams and start hitting and they move guess what you’ve just done, crippled them from either making units or vills or gathering resources, you are halting them some way.

mongols are basically a defenceless civ, they are strong sure, but they are never safe.

I don’t disagree and I understand the trade offs required for their lack of defensive abilities (moving their buildings being one of them), but my concern rests with the ability to pack those buildings as they are being destroyed.

Not a game breaking mechanic by any means but i think this could use a tweak.

I agree, i think that buildings shouldnt be able to be packed while being sieged down, or at least the packing speed could be slown down when sieged down too

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Keep in mind, a packed-up building loses all its ranged armor, so your archers will absolutely destroy any packed buildings if they focus fire. While buildings have a lot of HP, you can probably at least get them to burn if you focus them

Mongols arent defenceless since the best defense is attacking

It really depends. This probably applies more in mid or late game where they are out on the map, but early game they are one of the civs with the safest eco in the game, their woodline, their food eco and even their gold depending on spawn is all under their tc for quite some time making them the hardest civ to raid early on

but you’ve got to think of it this way, if i never wanted a mongol player to move their buildings then i would literally need 2 monks and a MAA, they would never be able to move if their builds could only be packed up after 10 seconds of not receiving damage, it would be very easy to abuse