Mongols professional scouts(Improved) needs buff

Currently the Mongols Professional scouts (Improved) which cost an extra 100 stone and gives +100 damage to wild animals. Paying 100 stone and only getting extra damage to wild animals does not seem worth it and I have never really seen it used because it is not worth it.

An idea to make this tech more useful could be to allow the scouts to be able to carry boar as well. I then think this tech becomes a lot more viable and strategies like boar stealing could be an option for Mongol players. If not then Mongols just always makes pastures or just gets professional scouts for deer stealing and the Improved tech is then never used.

What are your thoughts?

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Carryong boar is defs the most fun implmentation. Hope the Devs go with that.

Though it may be more balanced to just increase movement speed. Maybe bring it back up to normal scout speed.

Scouts are already rare for mongols and 100 stone is a pretty big oppurtunity cost.

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That is correct so the bonus cannot be just more attack vs wild animals or a little faster scout carry speed, it needs to be something worth the while for mongols to invest 100 stone plus scouts. The best option I can think of is being able to carry the boar. This would create some nice new strategies of boar stealing with this tech for the mongols.

There really is no other incentive for mongols to ever get this tech.

No changes to this tech in update 6.1.130, hopefully this tech can be looked into in the next update.

Going to give this a bump so more discussion can be made on the topic of
buffing the Mongols professional scouts(Improved 100 stone) so the tech is worth while researching.

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There is no change to Mongols professional scouts(Improved) with the Season 5 pup preview.

Pup Update version 5822
No change to the Mongols professional scouts(Improved) tech.

Dude what should this tech do? Allow scouts to carry boars? This will be op. Make scouts to warrior scouts like Mali? I really don’t know what u want with that tech and why u want it getting buffed.

Well atm there is no point to ever get this tech. Paying 100 stone to get +100 damage to wild animals is just not worth it and I have never see anyone use it. Something has to be done to make this tech useful.

Ye but I also never saw someone use any of the improved eco techs as well. Stone is to important for over things like double producing, military techs or tower upgrades.

The other improved eco techs are at least useful, however +100 damage to wild animals is just not worth it at all, ever.