Mongols someday?

Hi, i played todas about 10? Matches and 9 of them went VS Mongols, being Arabia high view french pass and so maps. Mongols everyday, how Many time we must wait before they fix them?
Anda furthermore… now its being popular the Mangudai+yam comb, being faster than Horseman, being autoaim pilot …so, what? Make archer and die to towers? Or make big army and be rushed with Mangú? They can make all options, 4 months from release its enough for their mostly 70% winrate. Im a little tired, i admit It (ELO 1500+) but cmon noone CIV can barely have a real match VS them…

reading your post hurts my brain


Lol sorry i write It fast and im not english anyway :slight_smile:

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we all hope to dev play at 1500+ elo for see this carnage.

Maybe soon who know?

Okay it took me a day to decipher what you were saying, but I got it now

They’ve said that instead of nerfing mongols or other “OP” civs, they want to match all civs up to the power level and diversity of options that the Mongols currently have.

As to how soon this will be done, who can say, but probably a second as the devs have chosen the harder (but correct in my opinion) path. It’ll take a lot more time adding and tweaking things for other civs than it would to simply nerf mongols.

On the other hand, I don’t believe Mongols are so OP as to where they are unbeatable, there are strategies to beat them, to reverse their rush game on them, etc. They’re super weak to early raids especially if they’re raiding you.

I’ve seen some people asking for mongols to literally be disabled until they’re fixed, it’s not that bad guys, mongols and Chinese are just more complete civs, and that’s why they feel OP in comparison.

Well, yes and not.
No houses 500 Wood easy
Pastures, efficiently VS farms about 100 150% (more Wood)
105 Stone /min (u begin with 2.5 vils, 8.5 versus 6 vils on the beggining)
15% speed eco and army (insane)
Khan (no scout can kill him, shoot, no micro, speed and skills like 30 % dps)
Siege on field (300 Wood for each Siege workshop)
Eco builds move (less Wood spend on It)
All in 1, of course its huge advantage.

Pd: Early atack? U can only atack Ovoo because Wood and food vils are Under TC. And he can make 2x units without more army buildings.

This is fine, English get similarly cheap farms

This is relatively slow and from my understand does not increase?

All civs deserve a special explorer r unit, I love the idea of the Khan, but currently it is hard to counter.

Abbasids can also do this, also it’s only springalds and mangonels, still have to make siege workshops for bombards, sure they can make trebs as mongols but they’re not very good.

China is very similar, again it’s the contrast of the other civs being unfinished, not these mechanics being OP

This is exactly what you should do to shut down the double production and also drain their wood by making them build another


you will attack a ovoo with building who produce double unit on him when a superior army (because ovoo) come on your back?
You really think to it’s a valide argue?

so if you play other civ for attack ovoo you should destroy the entire mongol army a first time for have the number advantage. An army with a free unit who give at this army a super powerfull buff (hello i’m the khan i’m free and i can add +3 armor at all my army or speed) …
An army wich is in theory is more numerous than yours with the same ressource …
And more fast because they have the ovoo speed buff …


there is a simple notion in some RTS that the cost effectivness. Mongol are just too dominant in each stage of the game because they have so much advantage without counterpart. They cumulate too much advantage than other civ have not. That why they win so easily in 1vs1.

I have no issues doing this

Superior army is subjective, build two, three, four barracks and I can outproduce mongols easily.

So… they have the ONLY english eco bonus, with the best Abbasid bonus, with the Khan (that no one civ has), the 8.5 vil start (that of course u didint say anything), the no houses (even chineses with the village has to paid somethint) and… thats balanced ? Cmon :slight_smile:

Pd: Chinese its powerful, but when siege Nerf comes they Will be ok. The IO its nice like other bonuses if other civs, and dinasty its high Risk high reward. I mean i never play them and always seems me strong but i think when siege comes Nerf all would be ok

I never said it’s balanced I said other civs should be improve to the same level

Sure, fair enough. I prefer buffs than nerfs

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