Mongols Unpack structure update fix doesn't apply

i read the latest update 8324 fix ~~> (Landmarks are now able to Pack and Unpack while at maximum population) but it doesnt fix the problem .I don’t know why and i’m sure i have the latest update on the upper right corner in the setting menu 5.0.8324.0

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Which landmarks did you guys try? I did some testing and for me it works at least now for the Steppe Redoubt and the White Stupa. My main TC (which is also a landmark) was still not able to pack/unpack.

All buildings in the campaign. Im in Kiev mission.

TC Landmarks are still included in the total population. On the first day of the update, I published this question in the Dark Ages.

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I believe they didn’t fix this yet in campaign mode.

see : Mongol Campaign and Landmark Pack/Unpack

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