Let’s break down the Mongols.

I find their moving base a big disadvantage.

What I saw from the video and I understood that their main building is being built on a stone site. And when the stones run out, the Ovoo (main building) automatically demolishes and you have to look for more stones.

Somehow it doesn’t make sense to me.
And I consider it a big disadvantage.
What is the advantage?

It’s like when Ovoo is empty that the Mongol base can no longer work?

I think it works but with reduced economy productivity.
Don´t know what happens when there is no stone in the map in the late game.
Would the economy stall forcing the Mongols to win early game?

No we’ll see how it all works …
We don’t know much yet, but not only about the Mongols …
In fact, we still know almost nothing :slight_smile:

We’ve seen images of a Mongol barrack’s production options that suggests the Mongols can use stone to double the rate at which they train units. Based on that information, I think the Mongols will be relatively generic when they don’t have access to stone, so they are encouraged to move to take advantage of the Ovoo bonuses. I also agree with @Meira2; I think that the Mongol bonuses will strongly incentivize early aggression. Stone running out in the late game would push the Mongols to end the game before that point, while they still have the potential to gain a military advantage and overwhelm their opponents. Contrast that strategy with the one of the English, which will likely involve steadily increasing map control through the construction of defensive structures. I would guess that the Mongols vs. English matchup starts out favoring the Mongols, but gradually shifts to favor the English as the game wears on.

So, the ability of the Mongols to move is probably a clear advantage for the civilization. There’s nothing to stop you from staying in one place, but the Ovoo benefits are presumably strong enough that moving is a basic part of the Mongol game plan.


Interesting. thank you for interesting information.We will see in practice

Rushing in with your base should be interesting though.

Forget tower rushing; now we have city rushing :joy: