Monk mass conversion issue

The Monks during the mass conversion should be stationary. Right now the Rus Monk is mounted and moving while mass conversion!

This makes the battles really hard and turns the tide every single time. There is really no hope to escape from it with more than 60% of my units.

Please make it stationary during the mass conversion.

Can’t you just focus fire it with archers? I’ve seen this same situation countered easily many time. It takes quite a while to convert and you can hear it from miles away lol

Karmidzhanov or the smart counterbugman.
It’s a bug not intended but thx for your idea dude.

That’s the issue, archers getting killed before that. The enemy sends light cavalry 1st, and I think i am in high elo games. They don’t just convert men. 1st they fight and take out as many archers as possible and come with 2 monks with relics and a lot of units around them. It is really hard to click on a monk when there are a lot of units around it too. Two monks doing the mass conversion, just imagine that…

And by simply running away I lose a lot of units on the battlefield basically doing nothing… It is really OP right now. The size of the circle should be decreased and some civs like Abbasid and Delhi should be resistant to conversions or at least need an upgrade that resists conversion like AOE2.

If a player has taken both relics that’s on you for being passive on the map? Also, you should protect your archers from cav flanks with some spearmen, If I lose all my archers before the battle starts I will just gg.