Monk / prelate / scholar idle logic

Issue is more critical with delhi (heavy monk dependent).

Currently monk will count as idle military only when garrisoned inside a building; and only for select idle military hotkey (not select ALL idle military hotkey).

Once you have several monks inside buildings and some others spreaded around the map, game becomes horrible to play with hotkeys. And you can easily have 20+ monks with delhi. Good luck finding those on the map; the cycle trough monk hotkey does not work effectively here since most of the monks may be garrisoned inside mosques to boost the research. What the player wants? Find the monks that are idle!

Desired behavior: when the monk is walking, healing (this maybe not), inspiring, researching technologies should not be idle. When the monk is just doing nothing, then it should be idle (even when inside a building if its just doing nothing).

Fix: change the way idle military hotkey works for monks.