Monks alert sound drives me crazy

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  • Build: 101.101.40220.0 5438859
  • Platform: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Stammfrei

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I play a lot with friend against Hardest and extreme AI in mostly team games.

Very often, when fights starts at castle age with the AI, they will bring some monks, sometimes to counter units, but more often to search relics passing by.

The problem is the follow, the monk arrives in battle, start to convert a unit, that unit dies or gets hurted. So the monk switches to convert another unit, and so on, in a loop. Everytime the monk changes target, a monk conversion alert sound, and sometimes, they will spam as ■■■■ (Like in a big fight with archers, were me and the AI are pumping units, so a lot of them dies. One monk is sufficient to create an alert spam that drive me crazy)

I think one way to fix this would be to set a cooldown to this alert ?

This is really annoying and I already got sometimes 2 full minutes of monks alerts in bigs imperial age battles.

This happends to all my friends too.

Thank you for your time =)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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To reproduce, I think it’s simple, do a game against a hard ai (mayan, for example), keep one relic in your base to pull the monk and wait with archer at your base. There is a good chance you get attacked, that the monk come and spam alerts the ■■■■ out of you.

Edit: I will try as soon as possible to make a game capture of this issue =).

You’re right this is SUPER annoying against AI, since the monk is so micro intensive, and the AI can micro everything simultaneously they’re able to immediately switch to trying to convert something else if the unit they started with dies. I’ve experienced the super annoying alerts in the setting your describing.

That said, in multiplayer your not going to want there to be a cooldown on the alert.

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I think there should be, I don’t get an alert everytime a chu ko nu hits multiple units, or when a onager shoots down 4 units. A small internal cooldown to monk alert similar to the one on the attack alert would be enough.

Right now if i spam attack to multiple units with a knigth or watever, it will trigger one alert. This is not the case with the monks.

But the monk has to be microed to attack each new unit, where as the chokonu automatically will fire at the next nearest unit. Personally I want to know when the human enemy I’m facing is putting a lot of micro into his monks. One mangonel conversation can be the difference of the game.

Side note, not sure if this fits in the “bug” category?

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The cooldown idea is a nice one. Meanwhile try the Monk Vululu mod for variation on the sound 11

It’s not the convertion soud that bother me, it’s the alert spam the AI makes.

At least, if a cooldown on the alert can be problematic for multiplayer. Please, fix the ai, make then stop switching to every unit I have. =)

I never really push dat mutch on an issue, I love the game and what has been made in DE.

But for god sake I can’t take this alert spam anymore xD

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