Monks Getting Weaker with each AoE Game

AoE I: Priests are OP and the best unit in the game
AoE II: Monks aren’t OP but they are useful
AoE III: Most monks can’t convert

Does anyone have any theories as to how AoE IV would fit into all this? Because based on the way the franchise is going, AoE IV may not even have the wololo.


We haven’t seen much but judging from the one clip we saw at the fan preview Monks can AOE turn multiple units at once, I call that the best Monks as of yet.

Of course we need more information on how that will work but judging only from that then I’d say Monks in AoE4 will be the best yet.


But I also read that monks can only convert if they are holding a relic unless they are Abbasid.

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That would be a way to balance it as they can turn 10-15 units at the same time over to their side so I’m fine with something like that. Otherwise would be too overpowered.

Maybe certain civilizations have research to become immune to being turned or die just like in AoE2.


Seeing how in most screenshots and trailer shots they made sure that monks are always visible in plain sight, their role will likely be quite upgraded compared to aoe3


I wish if they add the sacrifice tech from AoE I to AoE IV, what it does is it lets your priests instantly convert any unit if you press delete on them.

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I also like that concept but some people might get offended for suicidal monks.people get offensive for anything these days 🤦

The only way to change the way those people react is to just do it so they don’t get what they want.

I too think it’s very silly the amount of crying and the amount of being offended so easily by people today it’s ridiculous. At the end of the day it’s just a game and it isn’t anything to take too seriously.


The game literally has units who run into a wall and blow themselves up, I think a monk sacrificing themselves is not gonna offend anyone. And also, suicide isn’t really the right term to use here.

Stop being so macho, we get it you’re a man. People should really stop acting so tough around topics like this, people get offended when they get offended just because you are not offended by something doesn’t mean someone else isn’t.

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Your post makes no sense.

I deleted that.

I was just saying Aoe 3 civs have surgeons who can heal. Than what is the purpose of monks who don’t even convert. Asian civs has monks as explorers. But none of them is actual monk unit like aoe 2.

But monks in AoE I and II terms are units that can convert and heal, and since AoE I and II in my opinion should define the franchise as a whole I think that’s what we should consider a true monk in this case.

I think you misunderstood me here I’m not saying people shouldn’t be offended but today everyone gets offended just about anything these days and that’s my issue it’s not good because soon we can’t say anything because everyone will get offended.

There should be a common sense as to what things you should be offended by and why! There are so many things today that when I hear someone got offended by is like are you serious?

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I said it before and I’ll say it again, just because you think something isn’t offensive doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. Some topics are serious for some people.

At least try to be realistic.

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And that what I’m trying to saying. No one wants useless or explorer monks like age 3. And we’ve seen one converting units in trailer. But it’s still not clear that do all monks requires relic to convert units.

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That doesn’t make my point less valid though and I think that the society have become more snowflakes these days about topics that wasn’t an issue just 10 years ago!

All I want to see is a common sense so that the real issues people get offended by can be taken seriously and provide support for those people who need it.

Where will it otherwise end? Again I’m not saying you CANT become offended but to the same extent today? No I don’t think it’s healthy overall.

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Society is moving for the better, in the 1900s calling black people the n-word was socially accepted in America (maybe I’m being a bit racist against white people here) but at some point somebody decided it was not okay to call them that because they thought it was offensive.

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Yes a lot of things have indeed become better in today’s society no one is questioning that. What I’m talking about is people who get offended by someone simply doing nice gestures such as holding the door for someone and they take it the wrong way and says I can hold the door myself.

Just one example of many that exist today. I think again you have misunderstood what I mean as ridiculous for becoming offended like the above example. The real question is where do you draw the line for things like games? If a pixel unit dies in a game based upon war is offensive then just don’t play it I guess. Respect their opinions either way.

How is common sense a bad thing? You make it sound like that would make it as it was before when it was “acceptable” to call someone the n word. I’m not referring to that at all as that’s common sense to me that it’s NOT acceptable to do that.

Alright, you make sense but you should still let people think about the things they want to think about, don’t force your opinions on them.

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All I’m doing is provide my own personal opinion and I’m not forcing it on anyone. Everyone is welcome to say what ever they want regardless of how I feel about it or them.

Good that we are on the same page. Take care mate!

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