Monthly challenges fail again

Just tell me how much does these cost?I have already lost three rewards, I don’t want to waste my time again.


as sick as a parrot s

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For some reason I got all of them that we finished until the Dutch guy. Haven’t checked on China yet.


saw the unlock screen but the skin is still locked, rest is available tho


Same thing here. I think it happened to a friend of mine too.

smt is horribly wrong with the unlock code it seems, it keeps happening


Same issue here. Free my Dutch explorer. Free my Chinese lady explorer !!

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I think I’ve had 4 with this one that I haven’t unlocked yet even though it also contributes more than the average number of players in the challenges hahaha, yes the last one I unlocked was the Russian bear, the rest haven’t given me any


Same here, I haven’t gotten Drake or anything after despite meeting all the requirements.

in the leaderboard button, is there a record of your game?

My game used to not be recorded in the leaderboard until I tried 1v1 ai in private lobby back when the reward is the russian bear. Somehow for me only private lobby game that got recorded.

This month I only play on the first week and missing the 2 check, but I got the notification that I got the reward since it reach the goals.

I don’t use mods, but perhaps you can try to make 1v1 private lobby against AI on infinite resource on Yukon maps, should take less than 10m to win and check if that game got recorded or not. At least, this is how I got it unlocked all this times.

When will devs do something ?
I had 4/4 with the Dutch explorer too and I got NOTHING


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I have the same problem.

I would like all these “new” locked Hero Skins to be released as Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Hero Cosmetic Pack - Vol. 2.

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Same problem here :disappointed: I can’t remember what triggered the unlocking during last month’s challenge

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