Monthly events - feedback and suggestions

Profile Icons:
As you can see the vast majority of the event profile icons are memes. They are nice but it would be better if you would give us more serious profile icons (like the mongolian chieftain or hero icons for example).


Most of them are really cool, but just like the profile pictures, a lot of them are rather “funny” than serious. For wallpapers I also suggest the same as for profile pictures: more serious ones, less memes. It would be amazing if we would get a remake of the original Age of Kings or the snowy Conquerrors main menu background for example.

De noche

Reward Types:
Profile Pictures, wallpapers, mods and unit skins are all nice rewards. Maybe if we could see more unit skins, that would be great. I am strongly against cheat codes as event rewards though. These should definitely be part of the base game and be available to every player.

Anniversary event:
Every year on AoE2:DE’s birthday there should be an anniversary event where you have the chance to once again unlock all the profile icons, wallpapers, mods etc. you have missed throughout the year. Many players are not able to unlock every singel event reward and those who buy the game right now will never have the chance to get them, so giving those people a second chance would be fair.

All in all, I think the monthly events are a small but nice addition to the game.

What do you think about the events and what event content would you want to see?


They should release a gaia event. I want a penguin icon


I really think there should be some pretty hard challenges conected to profile pictures. So if you get it it does mean a lot more than just “yeah see? i have logged in at the rigth time and abused some easy AI to get this”. Something like “beat 2 hard AIs with standard settings” or something like that at least would be more fun than just these “play a game using quick play”

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I agree, but the challanges shouldn’t involve multiplayer. I am a pure single player like many others I believe and I don’t want to be forced to play multiplayer games to get all the rewards.

There were pretty hard ones for casual players like me such as win atleast 4th place in Quick Play Battle Royale and that Barbarossa Brawl challenge to survive for like 20 mins. Both the rewards are profile icons.

I kindly disagree with this, the challenges should involve both single-player and multiplayer i.e. mission types should be possible to be completed in both sp and mp.

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Survive 20 minutes in Barbarossa Brawl was a tough one, but doable.

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My bad, you are absolutely right of course. I meant multiplayer only challanges.

I think after event cheats and other stuff needs to be accessible to everyone or selecting old incomplete event and making these challenges lately can be good.

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I think there should be a “retro” event where one can complete all old event missions once a year.

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best reward

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Yeah the teuton knigth on a siege tower one for barbarossa is still the one i use. Because it was hard to get and I am proud that i have done it. So yeah, thats a good example for a good chllenge.
Gettig 4th is somewhat easy as well, I get this is one of the harder ones, but still a pretty doable one. But as a last challenge a get first in BR would also be ok. Not everyone is able to get it? Yeah fine, then it has some value


They should release a “this build actually works” event, where they don’t waste their time on wallpapers and just fix the bugs, quirks, and performance issues with rigorous testing of the multiplayer experience before release.


As good as the idea may seem, I think it is an illusion. It is extremely difficult to develop software that is perfect in every aspect, works great for everyone and has no bugs whatsoever. It is why new versions are released for almost every piece of software, even operating systems.

I think events are not waste of time. It’s a way to keep the game ‘fresh’ and to add something fun or challenging. It might not interest most competitive players, but there are many casual players out there who appreciate them. Also it’s a different role in their development team, so the visual designer who makes event icons or wallpapers cannot switch roles and spend that time fixing bugs instead; it’s a different discipline.

I share the opinion that some bugs urgently need to be fixed, but I don’t think skipping events is a way to achieve it.

And finally, I agree that some event graphics are ‘funny’ but I would rather see something visually pleasing or historically more accurate.


I 100% agree that not everyone working on a game is interchangeable, but money is interchangeable, and the wallpapers and events and icons cost money that could be used to hire a developer or a tester or a QA consultant.

And of course the game will never be perfect in every way on everyone’s machine, but I use tons of software where at least the updates improve the experience consistently for 99% of people.

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