"Monthly updates"

So, where is it? ? ?


How long it has to take for you so you get so disillusioned you never ask this question again?


More than two months.


The devs broke lots of their promises of the so called road map.


They almost broke the promise of having a road map itself in the first place!


No they didn’t. Updates have been coming in regularly every quarter. Exactly as mentioned in “whats next” several months ago

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What is the obsession defending them? they said on their roadmap, monthly updates in 2023 and january is about to end.


Maybe one update will come before the Xbox launch?

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Fall 2022: Popular mods are put into the settings of the base game. At least that was stated on the road map. They stated mods, so they meant at least 2. So i will go easy on you: Just give at least 2 examples.


Road maps are tricky.

  • You need to have a plan for the future
  • You need to consider how easy it is to achieve what you are about to promise
  • Then you have to follow that plan
  • Then you are committed to the plan because it’s public now
  • You can’t easily change your plans any more
  • Now the player base sees when there are delays because they know what the plans were

I can see why there were hesitant to release a roadmap in the first place. And there is a reason why most things are vague on it.

If you don’t publish your roadmap then you can decide to maybe not release a patch in one month and focus on other things.
But once you have a roadmap out some people will take it like the word of god and complaint if anything is not according to the roadmap.


Please note that this list is subject to change and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

For the latest updates and announcements, please visit our social channels.

This part is what people usually ignore.

No plan survives the contact with the enemy.
Or something like that. I forgot the quote.

(Now we have our monthly update and it sux. So better complaint about that instead of some roadmap.)



That wasn’t a monthly update, that was an update that broke the game for several users in order to make compatible with the console versions, so other than breaking the game the changes were not aiming for PC users, in their road map they said monthly balance updates in 2023.


“Road maps are tricky”

Even if we take that comment at face value, the bar is on the floor. Bringing two mods into the game. The mods already exist, they already work in the game. An entire dev team can’t find time to drag two mods into the game files and add some checkboxes to the Option menu UI?

Now back to road maps are tricky.
Any project manager worth a job should be organise a team to “plan for the future” and follow that plan. Your next four bullet points just rephrase the requirement that the team actually stick to the plan. Your last bullet point is just the consequences of them not being able to delivery. Overall it’s not a great arguement that roadmaps are tricky. Having deadlines is part of life. Do an assignment by ‘x’ date has been drilled into us since school. Why a professional team of adults can’t keep a deadline is a point against their ability to assess their own ability, and shows their resources or ability to be lacking. The only alternative is that the plan changed and they weren’t transparent about that, which is a dumb move after making a transparent plan. Either way the dev team are entirely liable for being unable to meet their road map, or being transparent enough to provide any sort of update.

I reckon they have been doing crunch time to get the Xbox version live. I base this on pure speculation and the fact the updates they promised haven’t arrived. Yet unless they are transparent with us it just comes across as them playing ping pong in the lunch room all day.


This is stupid indeed.
My post was more generally about roadmaps and about the fact that it’s a little stupid to complaint about not getting a monthly patch, even before the month is over.
I can already tell you that there is going to be a month in summer where they won’t release a patch because most of the company is on vacation and people will complaint about it.

Of course. But there are reasons why most companies don’t publish those plans to their customers.

I feel like there is some management in between that doesn’t want them to communicate to much to the outside.
An argument for that would be the difference in communication by Relic about AoE4 and CoH3. Same developer different publisher.

Maybe the also fear a backlash for focusing on the Xbox Version.
Something benefits nearly none of the current players directly. (Yes a few people might also play on an XBox or via XCloud but everyone that plays the game already atm has a PC that runs the game.)

Can we just agree to blame Microsoft. That’s always a good idea.

I’m being ironic!

This is just Adulting 101/the baseline for any professional endeavor, not something uniquely difficult or remarkable for AoE2 devs.

This principle is a lot more relevant where there’s an actual enemy or opposing force, rather than one’s own weakness or poor planning. My boss isn’t going to be very understanding if I don’t show up to the office tomorrow because “my plan to wake up on time didn’t survive contact with the enemy.” There’s no reason to expect so much less from the devs than from any other type of professional. Sure, there have to be allowances for error and unexpected difficulties, but the confidence-inspiring move when these appear is to be more, not less, transparent. If the devs announced a delay to upcoming features/updates due a need to address unforeseen difficulties, I’d be thrilled because (1) it would be a valid way of adjusting expectations, and (2) it would show that the devs are serious about releasing a quality product, rather than pushing out a hot mess of an “update” to meet a deadline.

In any case, there’s still more than enough time and opportunity for the devs to turn this around and restore our confidence in them, and I expect that they will. But I would start with more communication, and with prioritizing fixes for broken things over new content.


I don’t see less updates as a bad thing😎

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It seems to me they abandoned game.

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That is a very logical conclusion.


Seriously? They updated the game just a few days ago and you say the game has been abandoned?

No wonder people say Age 2 community has some, ahem, issues


I was being ironic.
They probably weren’t though.

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Deleted you from the reply