Moonwalking Still Exists in DE

I was playing at Hard difficulty against the AI and player 3 had made a long trade route with player 1 and so I went to check it but as I was doing so I saw a trade cart moonwalked across a hill. I even took a recording and everything!

Sometimes when life gets tough, you just gotta dance. :man_dancing:

PS: I’ll post the screenshot of the actual DE moon-walk later but here’s the replay, rec.aoe2record (8.3 MB).

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One of the very few things I don’t consider a bug, but a feature :sunglasses:


Oh there’s tons of it. And im sure devs are aware of it think it cropped up with one of the pathing “fixes”

The funny thing is that even if they wanted to fix it, they couldn’t - adding 3 new bugs in the progress

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I think they want to left that there, I mean, it doesn’t affect the game in the end, and it’s always funny 11 :joy:

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Maybe cavalry archers shooting backwards is possible after all! :smiley:


Devs, please do NOT fix the moonwalking. It sparks joy every time.


Yeah, if anything we want more moonwalk 11


Even though moon-walking is a fun bug it is rarely ever seen in DE, is there any way the devs could try and implement it as a feature for some sort of event or something?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature 11.
I think the devs said, they wanted to keep it as an easter egg, can’t remember the source though.