More and more little glitches popping up after last two updates

Anyone else seeing more issues after last few updates? I didn’t play it for 3 weeks and recently started back up and noticed that monks are just plain stupid, idk what happened as before I didn’t notice any issues with them but they won’t auto heal when it’s turned on and around units that have low health. I have to sometimes manually select a unit for it to heal before it does it, and sometimes it even has a hard time doing it.

Also saw some weird issues with putting units like archers/crossbows on walls where I have to click on the bottom of the wall VS the top sometimes like it’s not recognizing the top as a place to command them to go. super weird.

Some of the siege weapons still feel a bit OP, but that’s a bit understandable but still could use some balancing like they did with springalds.

The AI’s are still OP, it’s weird that easy it’s wayyyyyy too easy, and knock it up to intermediate and the level it knocks it up to is sometimes just totally ridiculous, higher levels feel just like woah. Seems like they need to balance that out and tweak the AI aggressiveness and tactics used. Like this last game this AI was Chinese and it just spammed tons of nest of bees and cannons at such a high rate it was a little annoying.

Just feels like a half done game still, hopefully 2022 sees a faster frequency of updates.

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Definitely agree with your observations about the monks. They need some fixing up. Another monk issue, specific to Abbasid, the single unit convert ability sometimes never procs. Monks seem to go into stupid mode and not do anything the user instructs.

Siege weapons also, sometimes they simply sit in place and do nothing when told to attack or move (usually only when told to move somewhere nearby).