More balanced civs


Since the game is launched, players playing random maps play 95% assyrians and 5% Yamato ans no others civs because of the speed boost for villagers for assay and yam that is a massive advantage.
In order to play others civs we need more balanced civs.
@developmentteam : if you are interested just ask I can make proposals by asking all the active and experienced community
Another option is to be able to set the civs attributes before launching the game like a “mod”

There will be balance changes. They will likely be using the UPatch as a base, so you can take a look at it to get some idea on what kind of changes there might be.

The Yamato and Assyrian villagers were rebalanced in RoR already. In the most recent version it was the Hittites that were the most powerful.

They’ll take care of it for sure, and as they have lots of experience from AoE2:HD, I’m pretty certain it’ll be very well-balanced.

I think it’s confirmed that there will be major balance changes. I certainly hope so because if not the mp scene will be very short lived (sadly I think it will be that anyway due to not being on steam, I respect MS’s choice to promote their own platform but the game will definitely suffer for it)