More balanced maps for ranked play

i love random maps, i love the variation in maps & exploring new things. but i would like to see a little more balance in the maps.

red: every single res in front except 1 stone, even their 2nd wood line is in front and further away. with a huge open front (if they wanted to wall)

blue has such safe res, including double back gold and 2nd deer is close, and 3 relics, and tiny areas needed for walling if wanting to block off the front


I don’t think it’s that big a deal, over a large number of games you’ll be screwed a few times by RNG, and your opponent will be screwed by RNG. Your elo will still stabilize where it is supposed to. I think the randomness is fun.

The only problem is tournaments, imo they should be played in custom maps so it’s fair.