More DARK age units

It is clear that dark age is important, but it doesnt need to be only economic setup. Loom basically is a no brainer tech in strategic regard. It is basically not worth to skip it cause the economic benefit is minimal. I think having more than one tech and one unit would help to make the strategies more diverse. Like alone having spears in dark age already would allow that one civ could get dark age scouts as an option. Right now dark age is so redundant that we correctly discuss speeding it up to be faster done than in 8 minutes game time.

You keep saying dark age is redundant. That’s simply not true.

Something can’t be both important and redundant. If you can get rid of it because you don’t need it, it can’t also have been important.

The slow speed of dark age allows for you to set up multiple strategies . Loom is a ‘no brainer’ , except if you’re going FC on arena, or you need to get it early because you’re being drushed or douched.

If you speed up dark age by any meaningful amount I think you will actually have less strategy to choose from. And this game has the most strategies you could hope for. The one thing I think you can argue for is 6 village start instead of three.

If you add military units to dark age I think all you’re doing is making dark age feudal age. No1 is going to start making military before constant vill
Production is up and wood for the buildings. A premill drush but with spears as well? It’s the fastest you’ll see any change. You may as well just make a lobby standard starting res but start in feudal age. Go try that and see how it feels I think that’s basically you’re idea in a nutshell.

I say that strategically it could be more diverse.

Exactly a no brainer. Get it before feudal on open land maps, and not before castle age on arena.

Oh I see you failed to see the sarcasm in the quote.

So loom is important, but when you get it is actually a strategic choice. Get it too early and you’re at an economic disadvantage, get it too late and you risk losing vills.

I hope you aren’t suggesting we just have loom researched for free at the start of the game, cause that would remove strategy. Do you see how you can tell if something is strategic by seeing if we remove it what effect it has?

I think the problem you and others are struggling with is that you are bored in dark age and want things sped up. But when you actually speed things up you have fewer strategies and way more pressure and you don’t like that either.

The slower things are the more time you have to scout and decide on a strategy and if it stays slow you can adapt, or preempt your opponent. Consider chess, it’s slow at the start as each player positions themselves. I wouldn’t say that part is redundant or the pawns at the front should be replaced with bishops.

If you like stuff with a faster start I recommend warcraft 3, sc2 or empire wars


Is that any reaction of you facing any possibility for change :smiley: Thanks for your gatekeeping.