More Diplomatic options?

Some diplomatic options to SP and or Mp

Like combined truce ?

Both sides agree to a timed truce or one side pays tribute to not be attacked for some time

Or Coalition

One enemy is so strong that other enemies ally each other to to weaken that enemy and the moment the enemy is weakened to some point the coalition is over.


My input
In a game of 10+ players I could see such a feature being enjoyable in a FFA.
With fewer players teaming through such a feature would be a must, and that’s just restrictive and booring.
If the diplomatic decision enables vision, all backstabbing becomes so much harder.
If the diplomatic Decision enables sending resources, any player could end up as a trap to a rusher.
Would alliances be displayed for all to see?
Would an alliance be able to be ‘visible’, with more options available and/or chosen to be ‘hidden’/secret, with fewer team abilities applying?
I like the chaos and spontanity in FFAs, a diplomatic function would very certainly hamper it if it takes over 3 sec to form an alliance.
Ex click someone’s chattext and select which alliance. Might be short and easy enough. And a combo commando like @+’number of player in order’

However… when 4 players remains, we all know the strongest team will win and then battle it out between themselves. However if a condition of resources could be set to form an alliance, circumstances could change for the battered party amongst 3, as new alliances are forged

it would be a great mod.A great europe map, countries with real borders.but honestly it seems impossible.

A mod with a base-map as of that of the famous boardgame ‘Risk’ but with maplayout in the accurate era could be something enjoyable.
Maybe more than 1 settlement appear per country.

Rise of Nations style?

I dont know how that is played^.
Spinning from the Mod idea…
I was thinking equally many players as there are civs in the game, each gets one, chosen in lobby.
Or maybe even 2 players per nation if the system can manage it.
Two Settlements per player maybe, with 200 Max Pop per settlement.
Claiming others settlements adds +100 max pop.

So max is like over 8000 units on the server at once…but expected is 5000 units.
Game Speed is set to ‘slow’.

Win Condition: Have 10 or fewer in Alliance with over 60% of all Settlements for 3 minutes.

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Good idea,it would be great

And ur idea is similar to Rise of Nations…
Am i right?u need something similar to this?

Go to 2:50

No clue to be honest. Multiple players doing that ^ whilst eco wouldnt work.
So maybe:
The Entire Building feature would be denied. So a generalized bot would need to establish the eco for your Civ-settlement based on available resources and your directives: Turtle/Boom/Super-Spam/Age up
And you operate the armies on the global map, claiming settlements, harvest-sites, wrecking settlers, chosing areas to fortify etc…

God no … I want to fight other people.

Playing civilization (civ saga) games I hated that constantly attacking was frowned upon.

Well the combined truce is about the two sides let’s say you are playing a 2x2x2x2 game you are dominating one enemy but your ally is getting attacked by other team so you propose to the guy that you are dominating or the other way around that you will not attack as long as you receive a single big payment or multiple small payments while you got help your ally

While coalition would be players that could ally if one enemy has a certain power above them let’s say a faction destroyed another earlier gaining access to more resources and just build up power let’s call it faction 1 while another had been on constant attrition with other faction let’s call them faction 2 and 3 so faction 2 and 3 will become temporary allies against faction 1 until faction 1 gets weaker(basically giving a fighting a chance against massive enemies)

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a strategic ffa player could probably do that with the three normal options,
threaten the player using the ally and enemy options
and communicate with others using the chat to destroy someone