More Elephant Units for Southeast Asia, Hindustanis, and Persians?

Prominent elephant civilizations like Khmer and Burmese could receive Armored Elephants or Elephant Archers.

Vietnamese wise, to keep their archer identity, just give them the Elephant Archer (no elite), and no Armored Ellie’s.

Persians and Hindustani wise, I have a idea:

Considering the Persian sultanates in northern India, they had a strong influence on India’s culture and history.

To reflect this, what would you say if we turn the War Elephant into a shared secondary unique unit for Persians and Hindustanis adjust like Winged Hussars for Poles and Liths? The shared UU is only available in the Castle. The only elephant the Hindus have so far is the armored elephant. Armored elephant line should be available for Persians too.

Persian UU could get the Aswaran (heavy cav) or Sogdian cataphract.

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What should a new persian heavy cav UUs role be compared to Paladin?


That I’ll discuss soon. But now the point is we need some more elephants for Persians, Hindus, and some Southeast Asia civs

I’m surprised Hindustanis didn’t get BE or even EA, considering it was their UU before the split. I’d want to give them both in exchange for losing Imp Camel (Give that to Saracens instead).

For Persians give them (Elite) BE and WE could get tweaked to give an aura similar to how Centurions work. That way they’re still unique and aren’t just a stronger BE. AE are considered an UU and I’d rather they stay that way. They could get (Elite) EA as well if they still get to keep HCAs.

As for the SEA civs, they could give (Elite) EA to Burmese and Khmer, can’t really make an argument to give them to the other civs though.

The Hindustanis don’t have EA because it is mutually exclusive with cavalry archers, a unit that people had grown to love using. CAs are actually very useful with the Hindustanis, so it is important that they keep them.

No. Their whole identity is focused on camels, especially the Imperial Camel. Besides, Saracen camels are already good enough, so they shouldn’t be buffed.

It’s fine the way it is. Burmese could get EA to help them a little bit against archers, and justify it on their direct proximity with India.

And Persians must definitely not be an elephant civ. The fact they are the original one because of the war elephants is because there were no indians back then and the only candidate for war elephants was persians. It made sense back then to link elephants to them, as they did used them for time to time in their armies (not as often and as much as the game made us believe). Now that we have indians and SEAs civs, the relevance of elephants on persian armies gets completely diluted.

There are no elephants in Iran. They were bought from india. They can keep some elephant unit, but its presence and relevance should be minimal compared to the indian civs, whom they aquired the elephants from.

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Yeah that’s what’s surprising. Hindustanis although they are a Indian civ don’t get EAs which are the region’s equivalent of CAs, and instead still keep CAs.

Also people enjoying CAs before the rework doesn’t justify Hindustanis keeping them when the other Indians civs are locked to EAs. If people want to play a camel oriented civ with FU CAs and access to gunpowder then play Saracens. Which brings me to my next point.

It really isn’t. They are a “Camel and Gunpowder Civilisation.” In Castle Age they have a strong camel focus sure, but in Imperial Age they get gunpowder.

Saracens, who are supposed to be THE camel civ, have their camels outclassed by 4 other civs - Malians, Berbers, Hindustanis and Gurjaras. So no, SARACEN camels AREN’T good enough with their HP bonus, and they very much do need a buff to be on par with them. Hindustanis losing Imp Camel and Saracens getting it is exactly what they need. To compensate, since Hindustanis are already bending things by getting CA instead of EA they can get Cavalier too.

Persians don’t need to be an elephant focused civ, but they do need to be able to train elephants. Also Persians didn’t just field elephants from time to time. Yes the Persians didn’t field as many elephants as the Indian and SEA civs, but they were fielded often, as auxiliary units and for psychological warfare. WE does that job for them right now (Provided Persians can get to that stage), but getting BE would mean Persians not only have access to a cheaper alternative that can be trained from the Stable, but now WE can be tweaked to be something cooler than just a stronger BE (e.g. Granting an aura).