More filters before searching for Quick Match

It would be great if people can add some additional filters before entering the queue. E.g. if everyone can indicate if they are willing to play on water or hybrid maps, it would be eventually much less frustrating experience.
Matchmaking can consider this simple binary information, and preventing longer waiting times for people who would actually enjoy a round of water battle with random other people close to their rank.

Right now the experience with some maps is, that in 90% of team games, somebody quits in matchmaking or even worse, after couple of minutes…

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I must admit water maps aren’t for me, although I’ve never quit out I do always hope someone will so the match can end.

Roll on a filter for non ranked matches. You should be able to play the maps you want in non ranked imo.

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Yes, also I meant those filters of course for the “casual” use case - players who come in just to have a “Quick Match”. For Ranked mode, I’m sure completely other concept will apply.

And they never saw Archipelago again… XD