More gameplay reveal is needed

I feel there is no much gameplay revealed, some hype is good for the game as more people will be waiting/be introduced to this game. I would like to suggest a new trailer of how everything works and some of the civilizations unique advantages.
To clarify, I played the beta and really like it, but I see a lot of people concerns because the havent seen a real gameplay.

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Nah I think we need more videos on how a real trebuchet works (?

Kidding, we’ll probably get a lot of gameplay in October and/or open beta with no NDA so it will be streamed everywhere


As long as it happens before launch, which I assume it will, then I think it’s fine. They probably don’t really get any benefit from showing it now as opposed to next month.


No no no no. We need a video on how construction worked in the middle ages


Well there are two possible explanations

  1. They are hard at work trying to correct the flaws discovered in beta. They prioritize getting the game to a good state over everything else so no time for demos or a second beta.
  2. They know that the game has serious gameplay issues and since they held the beta so close to launch they know they will not be able to correct them in time. So they try to hide the state of the game and distract the audience with trebuchet videos instead.

I am hoping for 1) but I suspect 2).


I want medieval cooking videos, it’s very strategic and requires a lot of APM.


we need another mangonel video.