More hero units in the scenario editor?

Here’s one thing I really enjoy from AOE2: there are tons of “unused” heroes that are only there for historical flavor. Most of them do not show up in the campaigns and have trivial stat differences, but it’s really fun to play with them.
I think we could have some in AOE3 as well. They could simply copy the generic explorer or campaign hero formula, but with some unique models. At least the historical explorer skins could be dumped into the scenario editor as “separate” hero units.

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Simping for Inés de Suárez right now. She could use the female Spanish explorer skin

Podrian poner a flavio belisario ya esta la skin de soldado romano xd

Ya está muy lejos del timeline. Aunque si queremos cosas el Imperio Roman de Oriente, siempre podremos soñar con una revolución griega