More hotkey possibilites would be really nice, especially for revolution units

The hotkey possibilities, once on classic, are huge, which is really nice. There even are slots for units which aren’t unlocked by default, but need a card (eg lansquenet in Swedish barracks) or certain politician (eg crossbowmen in Portuguese town center).

However some hotkeys are missing. If one chooses as Brits the Age II logistician, there aren’t hotkeys to train the now available units in the outpost.

More importantly, units that become available through revolutions (eg Egypt and Hungary) don’t have hotkeys. That is more of a problem. Egypt has a strong bonus that consists in being able to mass train mamelukes, as they become available in stables (alongside stradiots). Hungarian outposts resemble mini-forts, being able to train infantry, cavalry and light artillery (grenadiers).

Otherwise it would be I think an improvement if there was a hotkey to select all military buildings at once (so one can give a new gather point for every building at once, just like in AoE II) and another one to go the livestock pen to be able to produce new animals without having to leave the battlefield.

there is a hotkez for all millitarz building and a kotkez togo to sheephouse.

i dont use legacz hotkezs thought.
its under the find categorie

iwish the big buttons could be clicked easier as if thez were locaed on the regular grid of keys.