More hybrid and water maps in the ranked TG

At least two hybrid maps and one water map please. The current map pool dominated by the open/close land maps only have one hybrid map. With preferred map system the probability of getting that hybrid map is almost zero. Now the only way to play hybrid/water map is to host games in the lobby and wait for a hour for a unfair game.

So what is the point having naval units in this game if you get rid of all the hybrid/water maps? Why don’t you just remove all of the naval units and pretend the sea battles have never existed?

If you hate water maps so much and refuse adding water maps in the pool at least add a full random maps queue for the people who like to play various map please?


100% agree. Why we don’t have any water map in ranked tg? Not even an hybrid one (no, cross is not an hybrid map)


It is also based on community votes. This means: If the community dont like water maps, they dont vote for it. If they do like it, they vote for it. So it seems like the community in general dont really like hybrid or water maps. At least not for team games.

Personnally, i dont mind hybrid and water maps. I would play them. In 1v1 we have Archipelago, but i dont really know if i would like that map. I think i have to play that map sometimes before i can have a good opinion. Also we have Four lakes.

Four lakes is one of the best hybrid maps of the game and one of my overall favorites for me.

But there are hybrid/water maps in the community team ranked map pool vote, and they didn’t make it. So clearly the community doesn’t want to play these types of maps.

big problem seems to be that most of the good hybrid maps are custom maps and they only pick from the standard maps for the ranked matchmaking.

that said improved versions of coastal and maps like migration / nomad are far more deserving of fixed slots for TG than stuff like arena / black forest, especially when they don’t even put hyrbid maps in the poll

water maps also need a random civ queue the most (because dark age fishing is OP which makes 85% of civs useless), but the way they put that option in all it takes is one civ picker to override everyone

This is a good point. I hope in general that the devs not only stick to the current default oones, but that they also branche out to custom maps. For example maps that are used in the big ongoing tournaments.

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If you look at the polls though, there isn’t that much difference between the winning maps and some of the characteristic losing maps. About 40% vs 35%.

There is arguably a flaw in the way the polls are set up, In that if 40% of players prefer open land maps, then all chosen maps will be open land maps.

The devs seem to have noticed because they’re putting water maps in the dev picks…
There might be a neater solution which allows maps with a 30% fanbase to also make it into the selection-through-voting. (eg water maps & megarandom-like maps)