More maps bans in (solo) Team Game

Hello Mister, Miss developper

First I would say I like your job and this AOE2 for years.
Gratulations for creating and developping this game.

Here is my metter :
I often play (solo) in Team Games Ranked,
and I don’t like 5 of 9 map of the pool.
On 10 games, I play 3 nomades, 3 black forest and others maps I don’t like,
and only 1 or 2 arabia or others maps I like.
In ratio I play currently 75% of my games in TG I don’t like.

I don’t like fell myself used to make pleasure to player’s mass or server.
If I have t wait 10 min to wait an arabia or an other map I like, it is better than waiting playing 30 min a map.
I don’t take pleasure to play. Evenmore, let me say I do’nt want to quit after 5 min 1- to respect others players ; 2- for TG elo

Please do something about this and offer 3 map bans in TG mode, like in solo mode.
Thank you for your attention, and I hope for modifications.
See you

Nota : Sorry for my poor english