More news are coming soon, dont be mad

So yeah, they said more news will be coming this week, dont overhype but lets keep track on those :eyes:


news tomorrow!!!




they will open pbe early if they relly havs some big news

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I’m scared… Gamescon started!… and just to remind everyone, it was a year ago at the previous August Gamescon that the Ottomans and Mali were announced as new Civs.

1 YEAR AGO (August 23th 2023)

“Cruzemos los dedos”.


Yes, let’s hope they announce new civs (and campaigns) today…or else the game dies…


Let’s hope they don’t announce new civs but a technical overhaul of the game.
Also granting ALL civs heavy cav age2.
French knights are kinda cheat in teamgames and disable early archer rush strats.

So in other words lets make every civ more the same? If i want that i can go play aoe2.


That is not at all what I have said.
All I am asking for is that french shouldn’t completely dictate the playstyle of enemy civs.
This is already very noticeable in 1v1, but even more in teamgames.

I’d prefer balancing tweaks without making each civilizations more of the same. Also, team games aren’t balanced.

Giving all civilizations a heavy knight defeats the purpose of playing french and royal knights early game.

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Civs in AoE 2 have noticable differences tho. :slight_smile:

As to the heavy cav thing Carry mentioned - I’ve wrote in another thread the other day that this is due to the setting as the widespread useage of heavy cavalry as shock troops only started in the mid 1050s which is where in both AoE 2 and 4 Castle Age is. French have Knights available an Age earlier to underline their cavalry identity.

Yes, and I’m one of those that want AoEiv to keep the uniqueness of each civilization as much as possible and at the same time accept the truth that you are not always going to have an advantage in certain matches depending on who you play and who your opponent play as etc.

Its part of the whole asymmetrical civilization system, but I prefer this over AoE2 due to being more fun and interesting.

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Yup, that’s understandable. Just wanted to point out despite the rather symetric design in AoE 2, civs still have noticable differences :stuck_out_tongue: you don’t play Mongols the same way as you’d play Goths for example as the latter is literally built to wipe out armies in late game with Huskarl spam whereas the former relies on a lot of early aggresion and became quite famous for FC into Steppe Lancers. And with the last couple of DLCs for DE, civ design became significantly more interesting with Gurjaras probably being the most interesting civ in AoE 2 so far.

Why not both?..

Yes, I agree…you have to look for asymmetry in the civs and obviously make them more unique…

I rather see a wall for the mongols in their 4th age

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I think they could have walls in imperial, but with certain limits, something like a technology:

  • Sedentarism (Technology): Mongols can build walls, but at a great cost: They can no longer obtain stone from ovoos, but by mining it, and all the accumulated stone becomes their weight in gold. Stone trading and stone looting disabled or off if already researched.

On the other hand, I would like to post memes about “what happened yesterday” and the news that there are going to be other announcements, but I better wait and see what they have to publish.

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News basically resumed:

New DLC coming : Biggest expansion yet they said (safe bet on 3 or 4 civs + campaign)

DLC set on middle east and its called : The Sultans Ascend


More news soon then more news soon. Sigh…


I don’t mind the wait now when we know they just announced their biggest expansion yet. Seriously, always complaining!

I have been more positive about Age of Empires than most. I understand things take time but piecemealing out the announcement is just a bad move. Just take the extra few seconds and tell us about what is in the DLC, please.