More realism would be kinda cool

I don’t think it would hurt AoE IV a little more realism, like frozen ocean regions, where you would need a boat with a specific type of technology to move around there. More animal life and ambient sounds, each civilization having its uniform character, physics like AoE III would be very interesting too. What do you think? If you have anything to say about the realism in AoE IV send a reply.


99% of aoe players would want it or at least expect that, unfortuantely it wont happen, just devs decision…


Thats sad, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. :disappointed:


I think previous age games had a lot of cosmetic details that are currently missing in Age4. For example, Age 3 had people just living their lives at the tradeposts or had absolutely stunning water. I recall being stunned in Age 1 when a lion started to attack my villagers or watching the birds fly across the screen, and the incredible variety of huntable/herdable animals in Age 2.

One nice touch in Age4 is how your town grows. You build a house, but it’s not static. It grows with each age and changes the environment around it just a bit.


99%? Really? If you have those statistics, please share them. I can even make a poll on it if you want.

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I have enough realism in real life, when I play a game I care that it would entertain me, and not be realistic.
AoE was never about realism, seriously, in your AoE 2 people appear out of thin air, they just come out of barracks or other buildings, but people cannot appear just like that, and their weapons cannot appear just like that, you have to do it, food must also be prepared, bread does not appear just after harvesting wheat in the fields, horses must be bred separately, the state has a budget and you cannot just dig a gold mine and get money, people must constantly eat and sleep. As you can see, this is no longer Age of Empires, I think Stronghold is more suitable for you.


How was the survey conducted? How many people were asked? ten? 15? 100? What kind of people were they?
Here is an example for you, I will ask three people whether they like an apple, 2 out of 3 will say that they do not like apples, and I can tell you that 90% of people hate apples, because I did a survey.

AOE 3 physics (the ragdoll effects) and AOE2 arrow decay is what I dream of in AOE4


His comment was just hyperbole, guys.
Sheesh come on. You both can’t be that dense.


I will not say no, to allow aoe4 to get a few thing from stronghold 2 or the selthers 7, it will be a nice had to the game.

The chain of production and jobs, looked great on the selthers 7 and stronghold 2

Selthers 7 season change was magic to my eyes, (but the close zoom level broke all the game)

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Because people give their opinion you have to lash at them and tell them to go play other games? Stop gatekeeping the series


Yes, because people can talk nonsense.
A person wants realism, but in the Age series there has never been realism, even at the level of Stronghold.

No, it is not for you to tell people they are wrong. Stop being such a contrarian, the forums are here to discuss the series and the future of the series, not to bash everyone’s opinion because it doesn’t fit into YOUR view of how the game should be.

The kind of realism he is suggesting is nothing like Stronghold. Weather mechanics, more animal life and sounds, better physics, these are all things that would only enhance the game. But you keep gatekeeping, people like you will burn the franchise out of existence because “that’s not what AoE is about”


Yes, let’s see, “physics of dirt” and physics of corpses huh? I think that these are very important elements for the game that will not load the game at all, do not affect performance at all.
And if the dirt is still okay (although it sounds like nonsense), then regdoll of corpses will make the game even worse, you propose to replace smooth normal animations with twitchy physics that will turn bodies into dolls (Company of Heroes 2 for example), it looks terrible and unnatural, it seems will benefit.
And about the fact that I “burn” the game, is it now serious? I AM? The man who has been arguing all this time with the conservative fans of AoE 2 who just can’t outgrow the game from 20 years ago. But I still think the game should not transform into something completely different from the AoE series, and acquire changes for the sake of changes, in which case the game will cease to be Age of Empires, as it became with AoE 3.

This is a downright lie

Yes, let’s keep every game the same, just change the names of civs and stuff like that, see how far it gets us. Games need to have new features, something that draws people in that makes it better than the past game. Without that it just becomes a repeat.

No, lets see units on top of walls dying when the wall collapses, let’s say crumbling buildings kill units that get hit by rubble or at least damage them. Let’s see giant boulders thrown by trebuchets make craters, let’s see the environment change as the game goes on. You forget that a single age game is supposedly spanning hundreds of years, do you seriously think the surrounding country doesn’t change as during war? Have you see what war does to the earth?


It is 2021, I’m pretty sure you can make the physics a little better.

How? AoE3 has ragdoll and that didn’t effect performance.

Company of Heroes 2 is a game from 2013. And no, Company of Heroes 3 animations look better than AoE4 animations. They are built on the same engine, so yes, it is possible without sacrificing performance.

And my point still stands, everytime someone says just something SLIGHTLY negative about the game, you are up in arms like," How dare you give your opinion! Quit trying to change what AoE is!"



sorry, performance of lowest settings?
performance settings on level sc2 from 2010.


Exactly, I’m not saying about extreme realism, I mean more details that are seen in real life, to give a more immersive experience, you know? I think MrPREKrasny didn’t quite understand what I said. And regarding performance, it won’t be something that harmful because in AoE 3 and AoE 2 we have some interesting details that so far we haven’t seen in AoE 4. (At the time of AoE 2 I was playing with a very weak desktop an Athlon XP 2600+, and it didn’t run poorly).


Criticism isn’t always a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing as long as it isn’t bashing.


Regarding performance, the game already runs on integrated intel hd graphics, I don’t think performance will be a problem with a little more realistic physics and weather systems