More regional specificities - New design ideas

I think it would be interesting to add more regional specificities.

For example, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese could have access to paddy fields instead of farms. These paddy fields could also generate fish and allow fishing (without fishing boats).

Any other ideas ?


Cant we try and keep some things and some old and new civs simple please!?


Adding more and more content dosent make things better just look at the MCU’s current state.


I think it would be interesting to have the cosmetic difference, but I think the gameplay should remain the same. I.e., the East Asian farms could be aesthetically be rice fields, but should function the same as a farm.


Thank God the devs don’t share this conservative vision. Otherwise, we’d still be in 1999 on Age of Kings.

Productivity could be the same. There are already farms that operate slightly differently (Khmers, for example, with villagers who don’t need to bring the food).
No need for a revolutionary system, just a little variety.


Farms dont operate differently the farmers do.

Ever herd of the term dont fix what is not broken?

A farm includes the farmers bro, why are you drowning the fish :joy:

No question to fix anything here

Try not to be so confrontational and snarky. Would you?

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I try to be constructive, but it’s always complicated to deal with people who are opposed to any form of evolution of the game, with the only argument being “it’s fine the way it is”.


I like the idea of regional buildings. Caravanserai ans fortified church are nice examples.
I think donjons could be regional too with different features like train others units, or area buffing, or shots scorpions volts instead of arrows.
Harbors could be regional too with a little rework, like being able from castle age, costing stone and having the uniquess of only produce military ships with different bonus depending of the civ it belongs, like firing arrows for malays, or producing ships faster or in batches, etc.


This is not the argument. Of course, I can’t speak for others, but from my perspective the main argument against these ideas is that it makes the game more and more complicated for no good reason.

When you speak of evolution, please remember, one part of an “evolution” is to try out new things, but the other part is to mercilessly discard anything that does not yield an improvement.

I would actually endorse a true evolution of the game, in the sense that half of the civs are deleted, weird and quirky mechanics are removed, and focus is put on the concepts that have proven to be fun to play.


Agree with the padi idea for Asian civilisations. They actually have rice farms but they don’t look much different from the normal farms and need a visual update. Similarly, maize fields for the American civilisations. We also need the mandarin orange bushes added to the game and to spawn on maps too. Also vineyards and olive trees (already in AOE4).


Its not even that hard to add fruit bush with orange colored fruits,vivineyards already in the mediterranean mill and im pretty sure one editor tree is a olive tree which lacks olives.

The mandarin orange bushes were added in a Lunar New Year event as an unlockable. The vineyards need to be harvestable and standalone not part of a building. The Oliver trees and other things like padi /maize fields need to be added as graphics.

Not necessarily regional, but leans into it and is also a design idea (that I’ve already seen implemented by several modders):

Civ-specific architecture development. While regional architectures are already in the game, they all progress linearly, in accordance to age. The new idea is to let some buildings not advance from feudal to imperial age to reflect some civ identity.

Example: as goths peaked during the early middle ages, their houses (and mills, blacksmiths etc?) could remain in feudal age to reflect that, same with slavs, cumans, romans, celts and various more, even after reaching imperial.

Just a small visual idea really, could be toggled on/off but would be a nice touch for scenarios. Maybe some buildings could even visually be “ahead of their time”?


No need to be overwhelmingly specific, I suggest that we only need unique castles and unique monasteries for each civ and that’s all