More resource options in the menu

I feel like there should be another option in the custom game menu where you can select infinite resources than check off the resource you want to make infinite it should include trees, gold mines, stone mines I don’t see the necessity for food to be infinite since you can just farm all day long. But it would be a nice addition for people who are interested in that type of gameplay. I want to be able to play for many hours such as I did in empire earth 2 where they had infinite resources for the mines. Also this game needs to have unit formations such as they have in age of empires 2 im tired of units being disorganized I want them in formation marching properly. I also think that the trees and buildings in general should be about 2 and a half times larger than they are now I am tired of seeing a house and door on it that is smaller than a soldier where do the soldiers sleep on the roof? I also think that caravans should be added to the game with 4 horses pulling it where you can put in maybe 20 soldiers so that they can be transported on land faster since some units are heavier and walk much slower.

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