More spanish translation errors

I don’t own the DLC, but from what I’ve seen:

Militar (regular) should be called Regular also in spanish.
Pistola cuáquera (Quaker gun) should be named Cañón cuáquero. Is a cannon not a pistol!
Revolutionary Sharpshooter still named Volunteer on the card that send them.

Check also the historical scenario for inconsistencies. There Regular is called Regular (so i’ts okey) but Volunteers are called Volunteers.

That still not fixed:

  • Random native scout names aren’t translated: it’s says Apache scout were it should be “Explorador apache”

  • And finally, the unit name of the “actor” that says something in the campaigns during the cutscenes that have some line (minuteman saying something to Nathaniel) doesn’t have the name translated. Minuteman should be displaying Miliciano

  • Jaguar Prowl Knight were changed to Prowler in Spanish version: Instead of “Caballero merodeador jaguar” it shows only “Merodeador”

You can find more errors here:

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  • Estates and Hacienda keep sharing name.

  • Livestock pen and Haudenosaune stable share name.
    I would like to see this fixed as you have done with British HC card (Manors train vills)

  • In HC menu Malta appear as Maltés instead of Malteses (plural) as other nations do.

  • Salt camel keeps as Camello Salado (Sorry we dont eat camels, so dont know how it tastes). It would be Camello de sal/ de la sal or Camello porta sal. Idk, there are better names.

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I fixed the hacienda and salt camel in the spanish translation mod, if you want to check.