More stable map pool


currently we have two maps (Arabia, Arena) fixed in the (1v1) ranked map pool, the remaining five maps vary every other week (2 dev picks, 3 community votes). I would appreciate to have a few more maps as permanent members of the map pool, whereas the number of rotating maps decreases a bit. Ideal would be something like:

Arabia (the old one)
Gold rush (or Golden pit)
Four lakes
Baltic (or Mediterranean)

as fixed members of the map pool, plus 3 rotating maps (based on experience they will be predominantly open land: Atacama, Valley, etc.). 11 maps in total, five bans per player, favorite pick possible as it is now.

The selection above is certainly a matter of taste, please take it just an example, providing a good mix of classic open/closed/water/hybrid maps, whereas the number of bans is large enough to avoid playing map types one doesn’t like at all.

The main point is to have a few more maps (besides Arabia and Arena) permanently available to actually play regularly. Currently it gets a bit frustrating if you have something like, e.g., golden swamp, African clearing, migration, etc. popping up in the map pool (just taking recently examples), and by the time you have familiarized yourself with the map and how to play it (assuming you were lucky enough to get it more than once) its gone already and will show up only in half a year (or so) again.

What do you think?


I would prefer to have a map pool with 9 or 11 maps with 1 month rotation period. This way you have more time to get familiar with maps but you can still enjoy some variety

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