More than 1 week!?

to this update.

  • Details include:
    • Springald cost increased from 200 Gold/200 Wood to 250 Gold/250 Wood.
    • Springald bonus damage vs. Siege engines increased from 20 to 90.
    • Springald base damage reduced from 60 to 30.
    • Springald move speed decreased from 4 to 3.75.

what went wrong with this game that they can’t solve small things in only some days (maybe hours)?
In age of empires 3 for example anyone can make these changes in a matter of minutes…
I really can’t see the logic behind it all,
people think it’s bad that we complain, but they forget that not everyone thinks like them, the amount of players is already almost smaller than the age of empires 2 daily, and people think this is normal.
the only way to save this game are tournaments with a lot of investment to generate an alternative, without that the game is doomed to failure.
because when it’s ready it will have already lost a good part of its audience.


From my understanding, it has something to do with the certification process between Relic and Microsoft. The patch comes out usually a week or more after they submit the patch.

Aussie Drongo made a video on it after we learned the first patch was uploaded 20 days before it went live.


im not sure about that the question
so while they don’t receive authorization they just stop working?

In my opinion (and I believe Relic shares this thought): balance changes should be rolled out more slowly. Bug fixes should be rolled out more quickly.

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Basically the first patch was uploaded to Microsoft/steam like 20 days before it got reviewed/authorized to go live while Microsoft and whoever makes sure there’s no crash to desktop size bugs or something. Likely this patch was in the works before we ever received the first balance change patch.

Remember that the patch we get released to the game is a few weeks old due to the process and time it takes for them to actually implement it. During this time they have confirmed on their live streams that they don’t stop working and that they are working on new patches, updates and content that will be released weeks and months from now.

This is why sometimes we see other changes than what we want to see, as those patch notes are from an older build that they were working on weeks earlier, and the changes we want to see such as the springalds are being worked on by the team while we get the older patch released to the game

So to summarize this the patch we get now they already stopped working on it weeks ago, and already working on what will be the next patch in Spring or whenever they give it to us.

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Exactly the first patch was almost entirely based on internal testing and beta feedback per the stream. Almost all the data they had for that patch was from before the game’s actual release.

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I would like to be more specific in working time… decisions are another category.

They have to receive and analyze the new data that is being given to them by us and then find the solutions for those, then comes the process of going through Microsoft when to release the patch.

By then it has already gone a few weeks and the developers moved on to work on the next patch that will come after it. Basically this is how they work, so keep that in mind when you don’t see the patch notes you want, it’s because the patch was being worked on much earlier from previous data.

Any game update on MS’s platform needs to go through some kind of verification process, that is why each patch we are getting is at least 30-50 days old, as the bulk of the winter update was the response from the open beta feedback.

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Calm down and find more bugs.

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It seems that the process from when they receive the problem to their improvement in the update takes a long time.

I know that every update must be cautious, but this speed still feels too slow.

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please stop. this is a harassment campaign. they are listening and working. can you make your life? I am concerned about the level of the forum. it’s sick


Furthermore the financial aspect to it since dev.time costs money and they have limited resources.

So either they establish a funding like cosmetics and not pay to win mechanics or they do sourcing.

Since the genre is quite small i think it is not possible to expect everything at once.

Also in you want to get your way you have to Support the game watch streams play the game and spread the Word:D

Just my opinion greetings :slight_smile:

i reckon we’ll see the spear fix (along with a delhi fix) next week. like just to fix the broken things, and then in a few more weeks we will see another balance patch.

either way the game is definitely playable atm, even if i wouldve like to see more fixes with this last patch

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From the roadmap I doubt we will see anything other than bugfixes before February/March.

You know what, from a Delhi perspective, as much as I would like imp research time shorter, I would be thrilled if all they did for the next 2 months is fix ALL the bugs.

Right? I would go back to playing Delhi if their researches worked as indicated.

Just checked and that is indeed the case, I think soon it will be smaller than AoE2. This is a very scary milestone.


AOE4 seems to have stopped dropping. Also AOE4 likely has more players playing on non-steam platforms percentage wise since steam is slightly less ubiquitious (at least xbox game pass is more popular now than when DE came out)

Not to mention the effect that fixing many exploits might have.