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For several reasons, I believe now would be a great time to build more tournaments into the community. It appears the community is more connected than ever. We finally have the majority of people able to play together cross platform via steam or the app. Additionally, a lot of people are finding themseleves in a place where connecting as a community is now needed more than ever. If we can begin to put more of these together at various levels (amateur to pro), I strongly believe the AOE community will continue to gain traction and grow!

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Atm there are more tournaments going on for lower level player than you can participate in. Try joining some groups and you will find them. But don’t expect the big crowds to be interested in watching them.

Having these streamed would not be the purpose. It would act as a way to simply get more people involved. I am unaware of the “groups” you speak of. In steam you can find different ones, but none that regularly hold tournaments.

I apologize If I have misspoke, but after some depth of searching this is what I believe to be true.

I feel like there are plenty of tournaments at te moment. Most of them arent promoted on this forum, but on aoezone. I feel like there are more tournaments then ever. I do feel like most are for pros. There are not many tournaments for noobs. I feel like this will be the case for most games. So it isnt really strange.

I am not really into clan, i think this is what @PacificWheel208 means with groups. I dont really know if they host tournaments. Also i dont really know if the host much tournaments. I know on Voobly clans had an own forum on Voobly to communicate. I really dont know how clans work in DE and if it is really popular. I havent seen think like clan tags if i plan against players. So i doubt clans are that popular, but i can be wrong.

I was thinking about discord groups/clans. You can start on the official server and begin asking from there.

@WoodsierCorn696 I agree that there are a lot more than there use to be as well as the fact that a lot of this use to happen in Voobly. @PacificWheel208 I also agree that I have seen conversations around this in Discord, but in both cases I just haven’t seen this transition/grow into the new DE all that much yet.

@WoodsierCorn696 I agree that a lot of games don’t have much for amateur leagues. However, some of the most successful allow for more feeder tournaments throughout the year. An example of this would be League of Legends.

You are free to organize an event. Ashame most events arent communicated on this board. It would be nice if we had some Tournament board on this forum. So we can use this official AoE forum. Now they use aoezone most of the time to announce the tournaments. \

@PacificWheel208 You seem pretty much good informed about discord groups who organize tournaments. Can you share some more info about it? I am not really into discord.

@WoodsierCorn696 Ultimately, the point is to build a discussion around this. If it ends with a few people wanting to try to organize something that would be great! As I have never organized one of these events in the past, having any help would be nice. It would also be awesome if @PacificWheel208, or anyone else, provided input into this, so we can figure out the best way to move forward. In the end if we were able to get enough people from @Age_Insider to gain interest, I know that @ms_age_team would be more privy to host something more formally.

Most streamers have a discord which you can ask in chat (sometimes !discord). Also via google you can find discord servers. From there you can ask around and join as many as possible, I have over 30 to give you a picture of how many groups there are.

Perhaps you can host your own. You can start small with 4 or 8 players and use sites to manage the tourney such as;

@PacificWheel208 Thanks for the reply and help! @PeakHornet46539 @ferchalurch @BarrelNickel480 @CelticFC @Waltheking104 If you are interested in starting a tournament, maybe we can get a tournament forum established here within the community. I am not sure if @ms_age_team @relic_dev_team or another dev team needs to help establish a specific space for this to lie. If you have any thoughts feel free to comment!

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