More UI options please!

I have used double click to select all units of same type since I first played AOE 2 many years ago.

I love the UI and having a lot of the map area visible, but I have ran into the problem of double clicking where the first click lands on a unit and the second one clicks a UI component if the unit is near the bottom (since it appears instead of being there all the time like in AOE 2 or OG AOE 3).

I would love to have an option to enable an always on UI having a place holder when units/buildings are not selected as I would be able to interact with everything I’m seeing all the time instead of having to be aware of where the units are standing when I need to click them.

I’d guess this isn’t an issue on bigger resolutions but at least me with a 1080p display when the UI appears takes up a lot of space that I’d rather never have instead of have taken from me.

have you tried to reduce size of iu on options?