More weird stuff... Rams do not attack building they are commanded to attack

Ok so I just saw some other weird behaviour and it happened a good few times so I am sure it is definitely happening. Rams seem to have a mind of their own, if I tell them to attack a building, e.g. a tower, they just attack another building near the tower. And I have to usually tell them twice before they attack the right target. Anyone else notice this?


I had problem with Rams, when theres one unit in the way or it’s not a clear path. When nothing is in the way they behave like they should.

I was having the problem with Bombard Cannons. Literally couldn’t get them to attack a Gate I kept clicking, but everything else they’d attack just fine.

EDIT ~ Just tested with Rams, yeah they just kept stopping on the spot.

Happened to me as well. Rams are really a pain. Pathfinding aside (it has always been bad for rams) they do not attack well. They just stop or attack a different target altogether.
Like you, I also noticed that if you issue the same command twice the second time are more responsive.

Just a suggestion: maybe post it in the “report a bug” section and not in general discussion. I’ve seen the devs check it out and respond there (like in the no death sound bug they fixed in the last patch).

Can confirm this too.

Specially in the campaign that you have to use Rams in a lot of missions, they simple refuse to follow your orders or simple attack something else.

Sometimes they stop in front of the building you ordered to attack and don’t attack, specially if there are several Rams.

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Even more weird stuff today… I just loaded a saved game for one of the campaign missions and noticed that my towers no longer automatically target enemy units anymore, this is serious WTf, they are basically useless now as a passive defense. Can anyone else confirm this?

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This also happens with at least cannon galleons. Ordered them to specifically attack a castle but they target a nearby mill instead. This behaviour reminds me of something I’ve especially noticed scout cavalry doing; If you’re scout rushing and order your scouts to attack a specific low hp villager for example, they’re likely to just attack any villagers in that general direction if they are closer than the clicked target. This is something that was happening with scouts in HD version already.

I can confirm this is a bug that happens in both campaigns and multiplayer. After selecting a single ram or multiple rams and ordering them to attack a building, they sometimes freeze and don’t attack, meaning you have to spam click attack several times over.

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