Mortar ability to shoot units [Why?]

Please disable mortars to be able to attack units.
Who asked for this change in the first place? I can’t remember anyone asking for mortars to be able to shoot all units, this was just a mediocre card for Swedes but the main use of mortars is always being sieging.

In treaties, or long games it is just very frustrating that they start just randomly shooting units and require to give orders and hard micro-specific objectives not to be useless. In addition to that, the shift order queue is still very buggy and units won’t do what you order.

I suggest adding better mechanics, like being able to lock in certain modes or be able to decide what units to prioritize shoot.


I don’t think it’s a problem for mortars to shoot at units as they’re dead pop when they are finished with buildings otherwise. What I do want to see addressed though is that mortars should definitely prioritize buildings when attacking.


Maybe another mode can be added to the mortar, that can only target buildings.

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It was really dumb in legacy that mortars couldn’t shoot units. I was asking for this change since 2006 and am overjoyed that it was made.

It was really bizarre that this cannon just was unable to shoot units. It made no sense.

An update prioritizing buildings like shiavonne or berglasiere makes sense.


Welcome to 15yo long Siege elephant and hand mortar pain. As India main I dont get why people want mortars to attack units while its worse.

They are niche, but they do their job very well, a change not needed and nobody asked for.

Make matters worse, dont overcomplicate it.

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I would say that mortars can attack units is good change.

They could make the mortars prioritize buildings, like what the bersagliere card does.

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Is not complicated, just as simple as adding some buttons like in this example, for the player to decide instead of just making it standard.


Its amazing when you want to attack a wall gate but they attack to the skirmisher on it instead