Most balanced non-Arabia maps?

Yes, I know everyone like Arabia, but what would be other maps that you consider really balanced (better the more diferent to Arabia)

I guess the most people (including me) its black forrest, or arena. These both are my favourite maps and they are not that much micro like arabia :wink:

Anything open that has the base resources of arabia, has any extra resources in contestable locations, has minimal opportunity for a water eco, and doesn’t defacto fortify the player is pretty balanced imo. Only ones left behind are naval civs which are a minority

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I would lean towards maps that have a bit more woodlines than arabia (more and also larger), and also have not insignificant portions of water, or at least shallows that can be docked and sailed through between the players.

Im a 4 lakes kinda guy. Its pretty balance up to 4 players.

Besides arena…

atacama- acropolis- ghost lake

these are some of the cheesiest maps lol, you can almost always go full meme and win

they are good and open maps, i like to play atacama most, really agressive map not for beginners

If by balanced you mean that civ winrates are pretty fair and even then Arabia and Arena (1v1) are the gold standard.

If you can pick civs and the map has standard resources all of them are pretty playable.

Atacama is a great map if you like to rush. Aggressive civs with early military boni are favoured here.

Black Forest favours Civs with good boom / lategame.

Hybrid and water maps can be more one sided as they favour certain civs more then others.

Viper once stated that black forest is the most unbalanced map resource-spawning-wise. The pond affects eco so much.