Most challenging food source suggestion

The deer hunts are getting all the attention and could use a break for repopulation. Wouldn’t it be nice if the more challenging boar had a bit more pay off? An increase to the food amount per boar from 2000 to 4000 seems reasonable give deer have 2,450 food, don’t fight back and can have more villagers gathering. This would also make the Delhi and Abbasid non-boar diet an actual downside as intended.

If the professional hunter research gets a movement speed nerf as some pros have suggested (and I agree), might also be interesting to carry a boar back home.

Thank you for considering a buff for the boar!

Do players actually plan to hunt the boar? It has become almost just a part of the map environment for me at the moment.

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You see them gathered on occasion in high elo. A boar is almost as much food as a full deer patch, the issue is usually how exposed they are.

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Delhi and Abbasid get better berries. Not being able to hunt boar is actually an upside. You need only build a mill, but to harvest a boar you’d build a mill anyway.


I do understand your point, and kind of agree with you.

What you are saying right now is:
Lets buff the other 6 civs over Delhi and Abbasid

I mean… :flushed:

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Devastating :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hey, Delhi aren’t even bad, they’re just niche…and bugged.

I know, i still play them. And actually enjoy playing the Civ.

You just need to be sure to survival rush to Castle, and beat your opponent before IMP.

Piece of cake
Maybe they should find something to buff the other Civs so Delhi players get challenged a bit more. :wink:

(Ps: just to make clear. I am being sarcastic here) :innocent:

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It’s the only Civ I play at the moment. I just adore the elephants, but the fishing ships are a tad strong.

Definitely wouldn’t want any nerfs right now, just bug fixes.

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Haha, I did realize that after writing this, pretty funny. But as many others have said, boars are typically going unused which is why I made the suggestion. AoE4 is more interesting than other RTS in my opinion because of the good variety in resources to fight over on the map. Relics, holy sites, deers, fish on water. Having another valid option should hopefully only enrich the gameplay.

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I actually think of the opposite approach, maybe making the boars less expose to raiding but reduce their meat to compensate. With the boar’s current stats, it will be ridiculous when Relic decide to introduce tougher wild life like Rhino, Hippo, Elephants. Imagine how much food will they contain :sweat_smile:

I had not heard plans for more wild life but would agree it would not make sense if we were also hunting elephants. There also a balance to be had with too much map clutter.