Most disbalanced civ

I mean, siege onager timing isn’t all that much different than paladin timing. The price, depending on how you look at it, is easier to manage as well.

Yeah…we don’t see paladin much in 1v1 either. Two of the rarest upgrades…

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I wish you elaborated more but my definition is Civ that are both over and underpowered Civs that are very inconsistent can demolish some civ while having no answers to others, otherwise underwhelming Civ with huge powerspike So basically Goths and Spanish

Portuguese, just bad on Arabia, and dome civ have no answer to their water or organ gin fast castle

I think that most of the civs are fine. Straighten out some of the top tier TG civs and I think you will actually end up killings several birds with one stone. Or killing their playrates with one patch, but oh well. I think Briton Castle Age range bonus is fine, but if I was to change Brits, I think I might remove the +1 range in Imp, and give Longbows +1 range in both forms, to encourage using them over Arbs/Crossbows if you can reach that point. Mayans need their archer discount nerfed, Chinese are really hard to change, I would start by staggering the Franks bonus as 10%/20% in Feudal/Castle to nerf their scout rush, and possibly reduce the berry bonus, but I don’t think I would remove it.

Brits Castle agec+1:is problematic because it allows them snipe mangonwls, completely removing the counter.

Franks I would change the free farm upgrades to, farm upgrades 50% cheaper.

Bohemians I would do the same but for their mining upgrades

Poles the fokwsek I would hcnshe to 5% instead of 10% instant harvest but it can garrison 10 units now.

Then a small houfnice aoe, Obuch gold cost and it might be fine

It’s ok to have a civ that can snipe mangonels with archers. It takes micro anyway, and most people who can do that also have a chance at being able to split micro. Making the techs 50% cheaper is too much of a crossover with Burgundians, especially for Franks. Maybe just don’t have the second mining upgrades free for Bohemians?


Burgundian habe 50% food of all eco techs
Vietnamese habe 50% wood

While Frank’s and Bohemains would have 50% food and wood but only on specify eco techs.

I see no overlap problem

Vietnamese has 100% wood.

So both Franks and Burgundians will have 50% less food on farm upgrades. That’s some sort of overlap. On top of that these 2 are probably the most unnecessarily split up civs.

It’s not like it’s this bonus (that they had since the very start btw) that’s bringing them to the top anyway.

But maybe it is. Its not like we know for sure

Weak i’d go for Burmese, they have no identity anymore.

Overpowered i’d say the POLES! dammit i hate playing against them! Their cheap knight line and gold bonus is way too strong. i had a match some days ago where the other player went cavaliers only and i went halbardier and still i couldn’t stop him! Every time i play against the Poles i know i’m gonna lose lol

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Another balance issue for me are Slav and teutons. They are neither op nor complete garbage, but they have such stupid matchups. Against civs, that relay heavy on cavalry, they shine, but against good cav archer civs, they have no real answer. I think civs with such heavy differences in matchups are the even bigger issue.

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But such match ups, at the end, are fine by design, like how Goths can destroy Mayans when the situation happens.
btw on Arena both Slavs and Teutons destroy the cav archer civs that can doom Teutons and Slavs on arabia, the only civ with good cav archers that can beat both is Turks.