I have nothing else to say … I have made over 5 threads related exactly to this guy … reported him like 10x times with all possible ways and with all additional materials …

Seriously …

If the devs and 99% of players are asking why is AoEIV dying answer is over here and in their laziness or in incompetence of making stuff in a correct way

This is just shameful and horrible SPLIT INTO FACE of all players on live server …

Am asking DEV. to answer my simple question …

DO U EVEN CARE about your game? If so why u dont ban drophackers who ruined entire teamgames and caused you to lost MANY MANY MANY players … Specially when we are talking about guy who had to be reported over 100x times aka


Now I also wanna say goodbye to this forum because I will get perma ban from forum because I called a HACKER by their in-game nick and its not allowed :slight_smile: (crazy right? :slight_smile: )

I will comment on past threads so u can get all the info together for those who are not as long here

Anyway … goodbye … be safe … play safe :slight_smile:




Its a shame they don’t fix this drop hack. I doubt it will ever be fixed and that a shame.
Ranked doomed before it even comes out.

Just ban and fix drop hack should be there #1 thing right now


Anti-cheat can make or break a multiplayer game. Hope they notice this in time.

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I ran into this guy earlier. Didn’t know this was the player you were referring to, but thanks for the heads up.

I think I played with him too perhaps more then once, the match wasn’t dropped hacked but I will avoid this player in the future

The guy go through phases, it’s complicated.

So I went back to 4v4s after a pause and guess what?

I play with friends so in total at least 4 players are clean

(Imagine how bad it must be for a regular player who wants to play teamgames without friends and he has to face to 7 potential hackers)

From 5 games 2 of them were drophacked :slight_smile:

Am playing on very-high ELO not only in teamgames but in 1v1 as well

But this is just RIDICULOUS.

100% worst part about game after most of major exploits were fixed.

But letting such a people unpunished?

SUCH A SHAME … just shame and nothing else for you Relic/Microsoft

You should immeadetly on spot fire a person responsible for community management since as well all know NOBODY WAS BANNED even the most known drophackers …

Sooo many wasted time for regular players …

You ask why u lost your playerbase? Yeah imagine regular player who finished ENG campaign and wanted to play some teamgames and not 1v1s (cause skill is on much lower level) and from his first 10 games 3 were drophacked and HE WASTED lets say 1,5h of gametime for what? For making a better day to some braindead no-morale no-honor 12yo kid on the other side of a world?

wowowow … Am ■■■■■■■ pissed by your incopetence

Not a single asnwer …

On all DEV-STREAMS where we had large group of friends asking about this issue
Here on forum
Trough mails
Trough official ban reguest …

Its just a ■■■■■■■ shame on your adress

Here is the team of full drophackers … they are team of 4 person … Not only nabz but hackers as well

Avoid them if possible

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What if dropping a game counted as a loss instead of ‘no result’? Would this potentially resolve the issue?


I haven’t been dropped hacked much but this game is a royal pain to play multiplayer solo as I do, it’s full of noobs who are always on my team and horribly balanced. In aoe 3 it is a lot easier to make up for a bad ally as long as your opponents aren’t really good because the counter system is so strong. I beat two players armies several times in age 3 on a treaty game because all they did was build tons of janissarys so I just built a lot of skirms and some cannons and blasted them. You can’t do that in 4 the counter system sucks, you can’t make up for a weak ally by mixing your armies well.

Well … NO … since those players know they are about to lose why not to at least make enemy angry as well?

Their mentality is on different level and completely broken.

This wont work …

But but but Xardas its not happening … but but Xardas it never happened to me ever …

Oh for sure yes … even games in 2v2s SOMEHOW mysteriously ends with no-result once am with my 80 military pop army on enemy with 0 army … yeah cause this is how this game works …

Me and my friends played 51 games in 2v2 and WE LOST 5x times …

Oh and u are correct … all 5x times it was with some No-result mysterious skillz by our beloved members of community :slight_smile:

BTW. COMMANDER CAO changed his nickname back (to ■■■■ off entire community of fair players I guess? ) AND HE IS STILL NOT BANNED

Devs … u must be on crack or something … this is beyond believe … your absolutely dumb approach towards entire playerbase and players who care the most …

■■■■■■■ SHAME and u are fully responsible for this

Any words to this or are u gonna be quiet as entire dev. team?


I have asked here x-times … trough mails and on official livestreams since NOVEMBER.

Yet all what I got was … keep reporting them … okay but for what? I have reported over 50+ cheaters via all possible ways but misteriously I still have to play against them

So where is the problem?

Laziness, incompetence in solving a problem or just not carring about healthy community at all?

There is no other possibility …

We ■■■■■■■ want answer …

You lost incredible numbers of players JUST AND ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS and your silence

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Please be nice. We care very much. We’re not above criticism, but I can only imagine what this word is:

Consider this a warning for the forums.

We will be interested to know the experience post Spring Update. Keep us informed!