Most landmarks need to offer a unique technology

Some landmarks such as Khaganate Palace, Imperial Palace, Spirit Way, Tower of Victory, etc are useless and boring.

  • Khaganate Palace is just a lottery machine
    Imperial Palace is the most useless landmark in the game. It only makes enemy villagers visible for a few seconds etc.

  • Instead, each landmark needs some unique technology with its bonuses.
    For example, the School of Cavalry (French)
    Produces units 20% faster and offers unique upgrades such as Cantled Saddles and Chivalry. (I know Royal Institute has it) but this landmark offers it earlier and does a better job earlier in the game. And Royal Institute could have its own unique technology for something else.

  • Just like this, Red Palace needs a unique upgrade or unique unit.
    Red Palace is just an improved fort. And sadly forts are now nerfed. So they aren’t good at all too.
    So, it needs some unique technology that offers improvements on walls, towers, building hp, armor, emplacements, etc.

  • For Khaganate Palace, Mongols should be able to train unique units or technology that improves Khan (melee or range and/or armor upgrade with visuals, etc).
    For me the current Khaganate Palace is a little bit boring landmark and does not give what I need, but just some random units… Instead, if I build the White Stupa, I get lots of stones to double produce and purchase improved upgrades when I need and that could lead to a victory. But Khaganate Palace is just a lottery, all about luck and it does not reward the risk at all. If the enemy has lots of hand cannoneers or ranged units and marching towards me and I get horse archers or maybe Hui Hui Pao, I am basically ruined…

This is why some useless landmarks need to have unique technologies. AOEIV really lacks unique technologies. Only Abbasids, Delhi, and the Rus get some game-changing or effective bonuses.
Chinese, Mongol, etc bonuses get cut in by other civ bonuses and does not make any difference.


I mean Bro, put 15 unit in, and you will see, I certainly agree with some, that even if they don’t suck we agree that they have very noisy mechanics

If Relic was capable, it could be possible.
They just need to put more resources and effort to spice up this game.

All along they should have married aom’s minor gods to landmarks. Think of how meaningful and immersive it would have been to tailor your civs at each age with unique units and unique techs. Could have been such a cool gameplay mechanic to apply across the board in this sequel. Lost opportunity.

Preemptive Defense: relax, I’m not suggesting to put god powers into aoe4. Eyes on the ball. I said units and techs, people. :smiley:


I do think the Khaganate palace still needs a rework to take away RNG completely. I think the other mentioned landmarks are fine. China doesn’t need super landmarks because it gets 6. I don’t think spirit way is useless. The cheaper techs and the healing are quite nice. Tower of victory attack speed is nice. I think Red Palace is quite powerful honestly. The arbalest bolt it gives your tcs and keeps makes raiding against you harder. I can understand how school of cavalry seems a bit lame. The problem is that French does not need a buff in feudal. So if you can’t really buff them, to change something you have to go sideways (this is the problem with HRE at the moment. Everyone wants them to be more unique, but how to do that when they are already a great civ to play?), and at this point I’d say French is probably one of the civs in the best spots right now in every age. China has a similar thing with the Imperial Palace. Do you always need the line of sight? No, but China is so strong; how to be more unique but not by buffing the civ? That is hard to do. Better to go sideways experimenting with Ottoman maybe. Have the vizier point landmark give them horse archer or something :wink: so they now have an interesting civ choice: more mobile attacks or free siege.

I am 100% with Ottoman Horse Archer.
Cant wait to seem them in the game.

im looking forward to come some AOM in the future, if they make it similar to aoe4 but with gods, in my opinion it would be gorgeous! then imagine the story with realistic graphics, fantastic. one thing that didn’t inspire me about AOM, was its simplicity in some mechanics, the lack of hotkeys, and the strangeness of the units, in general the graphics were nice at times but bland at others, I hope to be there when it comes announced.

AoM has always had hotkeys, so I’m not even sure what is happening right now.

yes, but never as complicated as the other chapters.

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